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1. Posted by kruzinkiwi (Budding Member 152 posts) 9y

What did you do today?
I woke up feed the chickens, painted a roof ,had 5 coffees,Went fishing and Played poker.

2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 9y

I was a little more urban. I woke up, made breakfast, checked TP, chatted on MSN, went to a baptism, then to the hall for supper, came home, and now I'm back on TP.

3. Posted by Gemi9bear (Budding Member 86 posts) 9y

Woke up today, lazying on the bed, refused to wake up...talked on the phone, then made my dressed to go to work..have been attending to issues, issues and issues all day! Stunned by the emails by my boss. Now feeling sleepy after my lunch... *yawnnnn*..oh gosh, another e-mail.

4. Posted by Gemi9bear (Budding Member 86 posts) 9y

Woke up quite early today, still feeling drowsy that I have to lazed longer on my bed before I reluctantly made my breakfast, took shower, got dressed to go to work. Reaching my office that I have been greeted a decent number of emails from my boss first thing in the morning. Just came back not long ago from lunch that I am feeling rather sleepy now...*yawnn*...oh gosh, here comes another email!

[huh...i thought the previous post didnt make it thru'..]

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5. Posted by JAY_H (Full Member 69 posts) 9y

I woke up freezing!!!!! Stayed in bed cos i was too cold to get out. Eventually got out and had a warm shower. Got ready for work and ate a bannana breakfast bar and drank a cuppa tea. 45min drive to work then another cuppa tea. Went on internet, did a bit of work then back on internet. Then lunch. 2 rice cakes, a bannana, some grapes and a cuppa tea. Came back to my desk had a chat with the girls, a bit more work and now im back on internet. Will go for another cuppa tea and drag the day out untill hometime when i will eat dinner, drink a cuppa tea and have a pink & white (Marshmellow wafer thing) before going to the gym then sitting in a sauna & steam room then back home in bed by 10.30pm

6. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

I am just looking after my daughter.
And a few other everyday things.