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1. Posted by jacinta7 (Budding Member 6 posts) 10y

Hi all,

Im trying to plan a trip through Turkey and down to Egypt, through Syria and jordan. Has anyone done this recently? or joined a tour? Im a single 27yr old female and a bit concerned about saftey through there.

Any info would be great.


2. Posted by ikey (Full Member 172 posts) 10y

I did the exact same trip a couple of years ago.
I did it on a tour due to lack of time and it was pretty good. There are heaps of companies that do the tour, I think we used Kumuka.

3. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 10y

I would suggest you do it by yourself. The countries you mentioned are pretty safe and being on your own is no problem. You will get some attention sometimes, but nothing to worry about. And those recent bombs in Amman are nothing to worry about either, more upscale hotels are hit. You don't want to stay there.

Don't know where you start in Turkey, but travel from there to Syria is straightforward. Maybe visit Istanbul if you can and take a long trainride to appreciate the vastness and landscape of central turkey. It's nice. Buses are not! Better take a domestic flight.
Aleppo is probably a good starting point from where you make your way down to Hama/Homs, Damascus and a side trip to Palmyra.
If (parts of) Lebanon are safe, go and have a visit. Especially the areas inland (Bcharre, the Cedars, Zahle wine region) are nice.
Did only a side trip into northern Jordan (Irbid, Umm Qais), so can't help you with that country much.

I know there are boats from Aqaba to Egypt (Dahab?) and of course Petra and Wadi Rum are must sees. In Egypt the Sinai desert is a very beautiful mountain/desert landscape, with some cultural stuff on the way as well, like St. Catharina monestary.
Cairo(pyramids), Luxor and Aswan are other obvious hightlights, with train and boat (faluka) being the major transportation options.

Have fun. Michael

4. Posted by stuthkfl (Budding Member 115 posts) 9y

there are plenty of comfortable and really cheap bus firms working in Turkey. Don't use train so much although it's nearly free! after the boundaries, you can use railroads ;)

5. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 9y

Quoting stuthkfl

there are plenty of comfortable and really cheap bus firms working in Turkey. Don't use train so much although it's nearly free! after the boundaries, you can use railroads ;)

I actually loved the train ride across turkey. It takes longer but it's so comfortable and you see some landscapes you would miss otherwise. Really, Turkey is beautiful by train!

6. Posted by egy-bird (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y

yes thats true to make this trip by ur self ..
it will be safe and chep if u do it by ur self
here in egypt it's safe and , i can help you if u like
here in cairo ,, we have here pyramids and castl and lots of nice things
u can enjoy it ..
if u need to know anything about that , i can help you
bye bye

7. Posted by PosonIvy (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

Hello everyone!

Last week I was in Egypt. It's fantastic country: anywhere from heaven to fairy tale. The worst thing especcialy for girls is the crazy Arabs!!!

8. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 9y

Hi Jacinta,

I have just returned from 2 fantastic weeks in Syria and Jordan. My boyfriend and I travelled independently; we felt perfefctly safe and I would say there is no need to do a tour. It's very easy to get around both countries and everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. whenever we turned up at a bus station not knowing where to go a helpful passer by invariably came to help us and directed us to where we needed to go.

In Jordan i would recommend:
-Karak Castle
- Mt Nebo
-Wadi Rum (its great to sleep out in the desert with the bedoin people for a night)

In Syria:
-Damascus (great city)
-Krak Des Chevaliers
- St Simeon and other cities of the dead if possible
-Bosra if you have time

hope this helps - send me a personal message if you need any more info.


9. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 9y


From Jordan you can cross the border near Eilat (Israel) into Egypt but this border is not easy to cross.

Another option is going more south to Duba and take the ferry to Hurghada (Egypt). Check there website at . From Hurghada there are busses wich go to Luxor. At Luxor you can visit the Valley of the Kings / Queens and sail at the Nile River. From Hurghada you can go south by train to Aswan or north to Cairo.

10. Posted by jacinta7 (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y

Thanks for the great advice guys. Does anyone have a basic buget suggestion?
backpackers/ camping and eating as cheaply as possible