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Last min questions!!

Travel Forums Asia Last min questions!!

1. Posted by JAY_H (Full Member 69 posts) 10y

Hi Guys
Off to South East Aisa in a month. Just trying to sort a few last minuit things out and i was wondering if you could help

I have a few questions so here they are....

1. Was thinking about not bringing an mp3 player. I just thought it would be hassle when im there. Is this a silly idea? Should I bring one? Could you live without yours?

2. I have a medical pack with just things like Plasters, Bandages, Tweezers, Headache Tabs etc but ive heard of people taking things like there own needles . I was just wondering if ill need this? What would you recomend? What do most people take?

3. Im going to be in Thailand for Songkran. I was just wondering where the best place to be is for that?

Thanks guys for your answers to all my questions the past year, im well excited now and cant wait get out there and eat lots of noodles and get a tan
Jan xx

2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Hello Jay

I would leave the MP3 player, at home. I never travel, with things like that. It just encourages people to rob u. Bring a couple of books, instead. When u finish reading them, at least it will be easy to get more, in Thailand. I dont know about the other countries.

Medical stuff.
In Thailand at least, u can buy everything, in the pharmacies. They even have Boots. So, certainly dont worry about having everything, before u leave home.
But bring sun cream, just in case. It might be expensive, in Thailand, because I dont think many Thais use it. An expensive tourist product, probably. But not sure. Maybe somebody else can say.


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3. Posted by emma1979 (Full Member 126 posts) 10y

Hi Jay,

I think the mp3 player question depends on hom much you can live without music on long bus journeys or when you're sitting on the beach. Like Mel says it may encourage people to rob you but many people travel with mp3 payers and ipods now. I took a portable cd player and some copied cd's so I wouldn't really care if these got stolen.

taking a medical pack is always a good idea. My mum is a nurse and so she supplied me with one when I went travelling. She had packed some needles for me but then she got paranoid about these being taken off me at border crossings and would maybe result in me being questioned (i think she heard something about this) so she took them out. I'm not sure they are essential anyway - just pack plasters and other basic stuff you might need in a small emergency - mines came in handy when my boyfriend fell and took a chunk of his toe off

I think the best place to be for Songkran is the north of Thailand. Have fun!


4. Posted by JAY_H (Full Member 69 posts) 10y

Thanks guys
I think i might leave without my mp3 and ill give the needles a miss too. Kind of what i wanted to hear so cheers. Ill just take a couple of good books instead and stick to the basic medical kit.
Wow cant wait

5. Posted by inanon (Full Member 85 posts) 10y

I would personally suggest taking your mp3 with you. I never took mine last time I went away and I always wanted to borrow my friend CD player.

I love my music, and love sitting on beaches listening to my music

6. Posted by laulau777 (Budding Member 14 posts) 9y

About the mp3 player, i don't know how yours charges, but my ipod only charges if you plug it into a computer.

so i've never brought it along because i figure it'll run out of battery before i know it, and then it's just liable to get broken or stolen.

i guess you can use an internet cafe to charge, but i'm not sure how these places might feel about letting people plug stuff in to their computers:)

hope you have a great time, happy trails:)

7. Posted by paul j (Respected Member 217 posts) 9y

I just bought one of these , and it works fine ..

8. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 9y

You said, "I have a medical pack with just things like Plasters, Bandages, Tweezers, Headache Tabs etc but ive heard of people taking things like there own needles . I was just wondering if ill need this? What would you recomend? What do most people take?"

Ans. Band aids, aspirins, tweezers etc. no problem and they are readily available in the pharmacies all over Thailand (probably cheaper too!)

What kind of "needles" are you talking about? Needles for injecting stuff or sewing up wounds? Not planning on doing your own appendectomy are you? Needles for sewing clothing - no problem!

Thailand has lots of hospitals all over the country, their doctors are capable of sewing up wounds you might have.

I wouldn't ever consider carrying an injection type needle in any of my bags unless I was a diabetic and I had documented proof the needle was necessary and the proof was from a doctor or government agency accepted by the Thai officials. If it is an injection type needle I would check with the airline too!

"Im going to be in Thailand for Songkran. I was just wondering where the best place to be is for that?"

Ans. I like Pattaya for Songkran, but most men can usually find something to like in Pattaya anyway!

Most of the intenet shops I have been in have been pretty helpful. You must pay for the internet time (a fee of about .5 baht to 1 baht per hour is not too bad.) Ask the internet shop if you can use the computer for charging. Can you charge and surf the net at the same time, I don't have an MP3?

I wouldn't carry an MP3 because I don't need one, BUT I do bring a lot of cheap paperback novels to read! When I finish one of the books I "donate" it to anyone who wants it! I buy old used novels - real cheap - at home and those are the ones I take with me.

Have fun.

9. Posted by claireh (Respected Member 318 posts) 9y

I had my MP3 player for the first 2 months...then it broke. Can't say I really miss it now, I did for the first few weeks. I tend to read instead, it's just an extra thing to carry with all the plugs etc and it and may encourage people to steal from you. I'd leave it at home, but, if you don't bring an MP3 player...bring ear plugs.

Suncream - it is much cheaper in Thailand (but still expensive in comparision to everything else in Thailand) and you can easily get hold of it.

Needles - erm, I would bring some to be honest. You can buy a pack in Boots that has a customs clearance form in it. Just don't pack it in your hand luggage on the plane!! If you need medical treatment and you're in a small village with lack of clean needles, there may be a problem (seen Babel??!!). I think Thailand is generally ok, but Laos is not and if you choose to hop over the border... They're not exactly heavy or take up much space, so get some. I haven't seen anywhere in Thailand where you can buy the same packs.

10. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 9y

If you're going on a long trip anywhere away from nice clean international hospitals it is a really good idea to take needles as most third-world countries suffer from the unfortunate combo of prevalance of blood diseases and a shortage of medical supplies. You won't have any problems carrying needles if you put them in your checked luggage.