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1. Posted by inanon (Full Member 85 posts) 9y

Hi everyone,

For those who read the Asia thread you will know if be planning my Asia trip, well I've booked my flight and insurance :)

However, after looking at my finances etc, it seems I'll be able to travel for longer than I imagined, thus my posting here.

I'm from Scotland and the end of my Asia trip will be in India. Now I don't want to get further and further away from the UK as flights home will cost more. So I thought, why not visit Africa. My initial thought was East Africa, but I have no clue tbh.

I know a lot of African countries have conflict and violence etc so what I'm proposing is that we can have a brain storm for idea's of countries that would be good to visit and would be safe etc.

I've sent a few emails to volunteer organisations asking to volunteer in Africa, but before I volunteer I'd like to travel a bit again.

What can you suggest?

2. Posted by ikey (Full Member 172 posts) 9y

The only African countries I've been to are Egypt and Morocco but it has really made me want to explore northern Africa before I do the rest of it.
My latest dream is to go from Egypt through Libya, Tunisia, Algeria to Morocco.
Might be perfect for you as it is as close to the UK as you can get from Africa.
If your not confident doing it on your own, their are plenty of tour operators covering it now.

3. Posted by inanon (Full Member 85 posts) 9y

I traveled Egypt, Israel etc before on my own. Would I be able to go through Sudan, Libya, Algeria and Morocco easily enough.

4. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

Hello Howie

I think East Africa is a good choice, because people speak English there.
Of course Africa is dangerous in some ways for foreigners, and some places are more dangerous that others. At the moment, there are no wars on in Kenya or Tanzania, so those would be relatively safe.
I also went to Uganda. There is a war on there, but I saw none of it. I was very careful, to stay well away from it.

I think u could also private mail petercaise(or ask him to comment, on this thread). He has been to most places, and knows a lot about what they are like to actually be in.


5. Posted by inanon (Full Member 85 posts) 9y


I cant find peter in a user search? Can you maybe link me to his profile?

6. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y


I think u can access his profile, with this link.

7. Posted by inanon (Full Member 85 posts) 9y

Cheers Mel, I send him a wee message with a link to this post :)

8. Posted by petercasie (Budding Member 21 posts) 9y

I know a lot of African countries have conflict and violence etc so what I'm proposing is that we can have a brain storm for idea's of countries that would be good to visit and would be safe etc.

Hi Howie,

Some questions:
- for how long do you want to travel in Africa?
- what are you looking for? Types of scenery, people,..?
- Backpacking? Or will you participate in guided tours, group tours,...?
- are you looking for off-the-beaten path, or do you want to spend some time just getting the taste of Africa?
- Language preferences, or don't you mind travelling in a country without speaking the language?
- Do you want to work as a volunteer at the same time, or is that independent from you choice of destination?

First answer already:
I see that security is of concern. In general (very general), there are more conflict zones in Africa than in Asia. So select your destination well (and I guess this is what you are doing now..), unless if you are one of those people that gets a kick out of danger. For any backpacking-worldtraveller, I strongly recommend the book 'The World's Most Dangerous Places', by Robert Pelton . It is not only interesting, but an excellent read as well ! is also great. Go to the Dangerpedia section, and you will see a breakdown per country.

So stay away from known conflict zones. As you mention East Africa, first countries/zones that come to mind to stay away from, as backpacker, would be Sudan, border Ethiopia-Eritrea, Somalia, border Kenya-Somalia, North Uganda, border Uganda-DRC. There might be some more. That leaves you with plenty of nice spots, though. Most of Kenya, Tanzania, most of Uganda, most of Ethiopia are gorgeous places to travel through. I lived in that area for 4 years. Especially Kenya-Tanzania-Uganda is the typical savanna-africa people think of when speaking of Africa.

Further south, you are ok concerning conflicts and the areas has great places to visit (Botswana, South Africa as such, Lesotho, Namibia!)

On the West you have plenty trouble spots (Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC, Angola in many ways, Ivory Coast, would all be places I can not recommend).

In the North, I have not travelled a lot. Morocco (except Western Sahara), Tunesia, Egypt (except border with Sudan) are all fine of course.. Algeria is not recommended by Pelton. Libya I have no experience with, but I can ask some Libyan friends what to recommend.

So as soon as you narrow down your choices through the questions above, we can go in more details...

Meanwhile, I will look for some forums on volunteering in Africa. I found at least 3 in Dutch, but seem to have problems to find one in English.. (maybe a tip for the people of travellerspoint ;) )

Will be checking this thread for your answers...

hope this helps, and rgds,


9. Posted by petercasie (Budding Member 21 posts) 9y

by the way, i saw there is a lot of discussions already in Travellerspoint on volunteering.
Have a look also on

There is a link there for volunteers in Kenya.

Or do a search in the forum on 'volunteer'...


10. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

Thanks Peter.

Your information is always well cool.
It helps me consider what my future destinations will be.