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1. Posted by Beezle (Budding Member 22 posts) 9y

Im going to be in NZ for 3 weeks this summer, travelling from Auckland to Christchurch and am probably going to do a Magic Bus tour, Im just wondering if anyone has an idea of a budget per week including accomodation? Im going to be rushing around a bit and want to see as much as I can. Any tips would be great

2. Posted by fimbria25 (Full Member 120 posts) 9y

To be honest,
I would hire a car if you can, i did three weeks in New Zealand back in 2005. It was not nearly enough time, so being stuck to iternary of a company would eat up alot of your time.

3. Posted by Beezle (Budding Member 22 posts) 9y

Hi, Thanks for that. My only concern with hiring a car is A) Not meeting people and B) Getting lost! Im going by myself and would not feel confident driving all that way by myself, at least if I go on a tour I would see some of the major sites etc, and dont have to drive myself!

4. Posted by fimbria25 (Full Member 120 posts) 9y

I see what you mean, in that a tour would be better. I was just thinking the time you have there could be better spent if your not tied to a tour bus. I hired a car for about £10 per day, picked it up in Auckland and drove it to Christchurch. But i would say 3 weeks isn't really enough time to really see new zealand, its a beauitful country.

5. Posted by roni1 (Budding Member 32 posts) 9y

hey there
Im doing the stray tour which is great. I have to agree though 3 weeks is cutting it pretty short. I would go with renting a car. you can stay in hostels and meet people that way. you just need to be a little chatty and outgoing.... as for budget it really depends what you're into. there is so much to do here you could spend a fortune. generally accom is about 25 bucks a night food i think is pretty cheap if you want it to be (pasta and sauce!!!) and then its just really what you spend on activities. Taupo is cheapest place to sky dive (493 bucks for dive, photos, dvd and t shirt)

Im here for 2 months and im still not doing everything i wanted to do.......


6. Posted by Beezle (Budding Member 22 posts) 9y

Thanks for that, I think I need to prioritize what I need to do, then consider my options!:)