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hong kong or singapore?

Travel Forums Asia hong kong or singapore?

1. Posted by shee (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

Hi guys

I am tossing up between going to singapore or hong kong with a friend in july. We are 22 years old and are wondering which has the best shopping, sightseeing, food, nightlife and day spas. Would anyone please be able to give me some tips on which they think we would enjoy the most?


2. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 9y

I'd say Hong Kong, if you're really into shopping. Food is also pretty good, the eateries serve pretty big portions and the nightlife can get pretty wild. Not sure about the day spas though. It can get rather dusty and hot, but that applies to most of Southeast Asia in the summer.

It's about a 3-4 hour flight between Singapore and Hong Kong, so if you want to pop down to Singapore after Hong Kong, there are plenty of budget airlines that should offer pretty good deals.

3. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 9y

Hong Kong all the way.
Singapore is a nice city with a couple interesting places to visit, but it lacks the vibrancy of Hong Kong.
HK has way better shopping (except for maybe electronics), enough sights to keeping busy for several days and a great nightlife. Both cities have a pretty wide range of food. While in HK you can also take a day trip to Macau for something a little different.

4. Posted by weaversgal (Full Member 107 posts) 9y

i'd have to disagree and say go to singapore, kh is hot humid and extremely polluted, its an ok city but i think singapore is loads better, its a place where i felt totally safe and the shopping is fantastic, on orchard rd you just fall out of one shopping mall and into another and thats just orchard rd, then there the new vivo city and raffles plaza and suntec city, singapore has some great places to visit for sightseeing and a fun day out can be had on sentosa, in terms of price then accommodation is round about the same in both cities but i think singapore is better value for money and for food well theres loads available and you can get whatever you want in singapore from a Spizza pizza *recommended* to traditional singapore dishes, also the mrt is a great and cheap way of getting around the island... theres loads of bars too, a big complex with lots of bars inside has just opened near to vivo city aswell...
my preference would be singapore over hk anyday, id say look them both up on the net and make your own decision....

5. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 9y

I've just got back from Hong Kong - I think this is a really tough choice.

If I had less than three days to spare, I'd probably go for Singapore - though there is a bit less to do it is still a vibrant, fun, safe, interesting city, I loved chinatown and the river, and sentosa was fun for a morning. It is also clean and easy to get around.

If I had more than that I would go to Hong Kong - it is smoggy, and mad, but I spent four full days there and still didn't have time to get to Macau - really enjoyed it.

Both are great for shopping...

6. Posted by teresamimi (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y

Hong Kong Shopping is must cheaper then Singapore. Singapore got 5% GST. Variety Singapore is very limited, some design is import from China.

I go Hong Kong for shopping every year during summers sales although I myself staying in Singapore. The latest design are found in Hong Kong.

7. Posted by Benzino (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

I'm off to Singapore in April, the 19th to be exact. I visited a friend for about ten days 6 months ago and had such a good time. There isn't as much history about the place like other areas in Asia but then it all depends what your looking for.

I'm heading over there for a couple of weeks chilling as I have a friend who lives there, then I may move on to other places. Its a good base if your interested in jetting off to other places, well thats the way I'm looking at it anyway!

8. Posted by daphnemaia (Full Member 155 posts) 9y

shee, i think u'd enjoy HK. i personally don't find it very much different from singapore (i've been living in singapore for 8 years). but shopping is better in HK. night life too. as for sight-seeing, the scene in HK n singapore is different.

both have buildings. alot of buildings. but HK has old n new buildings. u can see the houses in the outskirts. the flats are kinda awful but intriguing. in singapore, it's like a photocopy from one place to another. the central business district is full of tall commercial buildings (same as HK) n the outskirts or rather neighbourhood areas are filled with housing development board flats. haha well it looks the same to me.

singapore people speak better english. but both HK n SG people are equally rude. so. haha.

HK has waaaaaaaaay better food. try the dim sum, chinese fare, desserts (a lot of yummy ones), finger food at roadside stalls, n of cos, macau food!

oh yes, u could go to macau by ferry. that's interesting too cos u see alot of portuguese-chinese fusion stuff there..

if u come to singapore.. u can go to JB (my hometown) which is boring polluted and ugly, n not much places to shop.

as for shopping, u can get better variety in HK, n cheaper too. the branded goods / designer goods are probably the same price after conversion, so if u wanna look for local stuff / china-made stuff, alot of funky n fashionable stuff are available in HK..

as for day spas, ive nvr been to one in HK so i wldnt know. but singapore has an abundance of those places. some suck, some ok, but generally i wld go to a proper resort at a beach for spa luxury. :)

singapore is cleaner. but accomodation is kinda expensive. actually i find everything in singapore expensive!? haha.. both cities have great transport systems, so don't worry abt it. taxis are equally expensive in both countries so u probably wanna avoid it.

my vote is still on HK. n oh, u can go to shenzhen in china too. its a short ferry ride away from HK too, i believe. i heard that the shopping there is even cheaper and better than HK! but i've nvr been there.

good luck choosing! haha.


Quoting shee

Hi guys

I am tossing up between going to singapore or hong kong with a friend in july. We are 22 years old and are wondering which has the best shopping, sightseeing, food, nightlife and day spas. Would anyone please be able to give me some tips on which they think we would enjoy the most?


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9. Posted by mdancy (Full Member 104 posts) 9y

I'd go with Hong Kong - even though it will be hot and sticky in July. Why? Because for the best all around time you'll have more fun in Hong Kong - more of a variety of things to do.

Hong Kongers are VERY vain and there are plenty of day spas for whatever body part you want fixed. Just pick up a local free paper when you get off the plane and you'll see plenty of ads for spas & the like.

The shopping is better, more sights, better nightlife for 22 yr olds in Hong Kong, and as for the food, it is a toss up. Both cities have excellent food - you did mean the local cuisine, right? I hope you aren't traveling to Asia and eating western foods? Or eating at rich millionaire owned restaurants? You will love eating at the little locally owned places, and the street food is great too in both cities.

Go with Hong Kong, and take a 2 day side trip to Singapore.

If you need any specifics on HK, let me know.