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Best city in Oz?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Best city in Oz?


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11. Posted by grasshoppa (Full Member 202 posts) 9y

from a general point of view Sydney has the more to offer than Melbourne

12. Posted by travelemz (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

im from perth!! and let me tell ya!! we r prob the most laid back in oz.! iam biased i have been all over WA but my fav is perth.. the definately queensland... cairns beauitful... gold coast is the bomb!!
perth is good.!

13. Posted by shaneomac (Inactive 20 posts) 9y

BRISBANE. It is the only city that offers the best of all Australia! It's a major city but not like Sydney or Melbourne. So you are not likely to get stabbed! Whatever you do. don't go west coast of Australia i.e Perth! There is nothing there! TRULY! Yeah Perth and Fremantle are quite nice, but north and sout of those two there is nothing! Yeah its' real Australia, a real lot of nothing! untouched cause nobody wants to live there. (Unless they find a reason to put a new mine there.)

Staying in Brisbane means you are close to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sunshine coast, Morten Island, Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island, Bribie Island, Harvey Bay, the Great Barrier Reef. Also there are major central Queensland town such as Roma, Charlaville, Longreach etc. Sydney is just over an hour flight away, Melbourne a couple more. People are nicer in Brisbane aswell! Oh and if you hear that Melbourne is the sport capital of the world. Just laugh at them! Only a Melbourne person would say that. Melbourne is the sport WATCHING capital of the world. Victorians are some of the worst sports people in Australia. Queensland are the best. BY FAR. Since the introduction of the AFL, Victorian teams have been the worst in the competition (Brisbane has won 3 premierships since AFL). NRL, Brisbane Broncos have again won the premiership. Basketball, Brisbane Bullets beat Melbourne in the Grand Final Series. Most of Australia's swimminers are from Queensland. Cricket, Queensland Bulls have consecutivley been in finals of the pura cup and ing cup, winning many finals over the past decade. Rugby Union, yeah the QLD Red's suck! MAJORLY. They pay spectators to watch them. But Victoria doesn't have a union team so doesn't matter.

Well I think i've stirred the pot enough!

Have fun in OZ!

14. Posted by hellopanda (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y

Quoting shaneomac

BRISBANE. It is the only city that offers the best of all Australia! It's a major city but not like Sydney or Melbourne. So you are not likely to get stabbed!

Please don't listen to Shane, he must be on crack. You are not likely to get stabbed in Sydney or Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia for that matter. (Shane, out of interest, have you actually been to Sydney and Melbourne???)

I can agree that the climate in Brisbane is great year-round, and that's obviously a major incentive to go there (although some mid-summer days are unbearably hot unless you stay inside with air-con!). It's proximity to places like the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Noosa, Fraser Island etc, is also a huge bonus. So I would definitely recommend spending some time in Brisbane, and seeing all of these places.

As for a year, however, I really don't think you should waste it all in Brisbane.

I lived there myself for 6 months, and ultimately moved because I was bored! (and to be honest with you, the last 3 months were really just waiting for my lease to end, haha). I lived right in the city too, so it's not like I was on the outskirts and too far away to really experience it.

It depends on your personality though, and your own preferences. Obviously what Shane likes about Brisbane is that it is a smaller city (I've heard it referred to as a 'big country town'), but to me, that was a turn-off.

Both Melbourne and Sydney have a better atmosphere with more to see and do, and I think you could easily spend a lengthy period of time in either of these cities with lots to entertain you. I found Brisbane to be missing a 'soul' (lame, i know, but lacking a better term!). I find it difficult to put into words, but Brisbane just didn't have the same energy or vibe that I found in both Sydney and Melbourne.

15. Posted by kir19 (Inactive 55 posts) 9y

i lived in melbourne for 6 months and absolutely loved every second of it. i was in school full-time, so i was not looking for work. however, i had many friends who quickly found jobs at restaurants and pubs. i've been to every major (and not so major) city in australia and i found melbourne to be my favorite. it has everything you could ask for: nightlife, sports, museums, quick trip to get to the beach, shopping, etc. it is a large city, but i always felt comfortable there. whereas, sydney was more overwhelming because of its size.

perhaps you could spend 6 months in melbourne and then another 6 months somewhere else, like perth or brisbane? in any case, you will love australia and have a great experience there. have fun!

16. Posted by shaneomac (Inactive 20 posts) 9y

I'm on crack ay! well listen here pandaperson. yes i have been to Melbournse and Sydney. Lived in Sydney for a year and Melbourne 7 months. True, that they both have a little more to do, but away from the city there isnt as much as close as Brisbane. If you look at Brisbane as just a city it hasn't got as much to offer. but look at Brisbane and all of the stuff surrounding it within a very very close proximity then it equals out. Oh and for all those who think Bondi beach is the best in Australia, here's a little fact for you. For many years Bondi beach had a massive surage problem because the surage pipeline that led into the ocean wasn't long enough so the lovely lot floated back into Bondi beach. It's fixed now cause they extended it another 2ks. Just some nice history for you.

Yes i've heard the big country town thing. It has done well for a country town hosting the Commonwealth games, Goodwill games and the World Fair! yeah no olympics but you wait and see! (probably will happen when no cities left to host it, lol) I would agree you'd best describe it as a mini metropol. It has all the buildings but it just doesn't have the size! therfore you must look at Brisbane as a package rather than just itself.

To be totally honest i wouldn't stay in any one city for a whole year. Go to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you go and live in these `cities for a reasonable time then you will have a different experience in each city. And i will not lie to you. The best city i've ever been to was Stockholm in Sweden. go there! lol

17. Posted by shaneomac (Inactive 20 posts) 9y

Ignore my spelling of sewerage. I was on some of the crack hellopanda gave me. Oh here's a hint for all the people who want to find out what people from Melbourne are like. Watch a shows called Kath & Kim. Many Melbourne people laugh in public and cry at home cause they know its just like them! or they just don't get it why everyone finds it so funny. AND serious peole from that class in Melbourne talk like that!!! I was going home on day on the ferry in Brisbane and there was these people talking just like them and laughing and taking their picture infront of my ferry stop because it was called Hawthorne and in Melbourne there's a suburb called Hawthorn with no 'e'. And couldn't get over it and were so amazed by it. I was looking everywhere for the tv cameras.

Anywho. Most people in Australia are nice. But Brisbane are the nicest. Take me for example. hahahaha. btw if you don't get Australian humour, just remember never take anything to heart cause everythings always in good fun. and you'll have some of the best fun you'll ever have!!!!! serious!!!!

18. Posted by hellopanda (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y

Quoting shaneomac

Ignore my spelling of sewerage. I was on some of the crack hellopanda gave me.

Good to see you didn't take me seriously Shane!

19. Posted by shaneomac (Inactive 20 posts) 9y

Quoting "hellopanda"

Good to see you didn't take me seriously Shane!

That's ok hellopanda, if that is your real name! Which I think it is!! cause who would be called Nat. (as some sources have informed me) Just out of interest. Which city do you helm from? obviously not Brisbane. Possibly Sydney or Melbourne. Adelaide? hahahah. Important fact for people to know abuot Adelaide. It was the only city formed in Australia not colonised by Convicts (excluding Canberra which originated after Federation, although Canberra is more a dustbowl than a city). Adelaide was founded by many religous groups thus why its called the city of churches. Also why people from Adelaide are a little strange. The mullet is not cool people of Adelaide!
Anywaw, back to the original question.

20. Posted by liltravbug (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

When i was on my working holiday, i lived in syndey, perth and was by far my fav!! The atmosphere is awesome, it was so much easier to find work and there is a lot more people around doing the same thing. I fell in love with the city and plan to live there one day!!
I wouldn't restrict yourself to one place though!! Australia is amazing so i'd try and travel while your out there!!
Good luck with you travels!!