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1. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 9y

Well basicaly i shall start by saying in a 22 year old from Brighton, England, am very outgoing, enjoy life, the world and love meeting new people!!

okies, enough of that i hear you cry, get to the point!!

Well ive decided towards the end of this year, like mid-late november to travel and see parts of the world, ive been dreaming about for many a year!!

heres my plan:

Fly from London --- Brazil spend a few days maybe even as many as 10 there

Brazil --- Hawai, spend a week in Hawai surfing some rad waves!

Hawai --- New Zealand, spend about 3 weeks seeing (what ive heard is a lopvely country)

New Zealand --- Australia, now its here i shall spend a fair few months working my way around the country, surfing more waves and hopefully saving up a few more $$$$ for the next and final stint of my travels..

Australia --- Malaysia, here ive heard there is a very cheap train connection which can take me through Asia to Thailand where i would like tp spend some time before i fly back home to London.

this is a very rough initial idea of my travels, i was hoping people who have taken a similar route or have been to any of the destinations ive listed, could advise me on whats hot and whats not!

i spoke to a friend who did something similar with different destinations, and he advised me of STA Travel whom he booked all the flights with, these included long hawl and 2 internal flights in Australia, back then it cost him £1100, thats him booking dates for flights, but he did say that they offer u the chance to change flight dates/times for an initial extra cost of £10 per change, which is not a problem, but we are going back about 6 years!

many thanks for any feedback given!



2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

You could get a RTW ticket if you only plan on being away a maximum of 12 months, or alternatively you may still be able to get a RTW ticket but don't turn up for the where ever-London leg and just choose you date getting another ticket or even doing a really amazing overland adventure to London which would take a month but preferably more if you wanted to enjoy it.

I don't live in London, so am not up to date with RTW ticket costs in London, but I have seen a lot of people say that the ticket they got cost £1200, so maybe that is the going rate for a basic RTW ticket. Don't get your hopes up yet! I think for your ticket however you'd require a 4 continent One World Explorer RTW ticket which is about the most expensive one available. You'd basically be going from the top of the world-3/4 down the world-1/2 way up again-bottom of the world-1/2 way up and then to the top, so in effect you'd be doing the distance of 2 basic RTW trips in one with all the up and down bits meaning you'd exceed any mileage based ones. To fit South America in as well as Hawaii it is very difficult and requires a considerable amount of mucking about. I managed to do basically your trip except mine started from Sydney so I was starting through Asia-Europe-South America-Central America-North America-Australia.

You wouldn't be able to go directly from Brazil-Hawaii at all, so at very minimum in that part you'd need to add a couple more destinations in. Then once in Hawaii, you'd most likely need to take the Qantas Honolulu-Sydney flight as the Oneworld Alliance doesn't have a flight to New Zealand from Hawaii. I think that the Star Alliance one may do, but I don't think it has any option to fly to South America and any extra flight involving South America is very very expensive.

The RTW tickets are able to change dates for free when you travel, but be aware that you should definitely do your best to make sure the dates you originally select are when you go, because the dates you may want to change later may not be able to be had even if on the internet it says economy class seats are available on the flight. Some person on another travel forum had an unfortunate accident while away in South America. They posted that they had been informed that it was going to be about 3 months before they could get a flight date other than the one they chose, because of the limitated quantity set aside for RTW Economy class seats. This was despite the fact many normal economy class seats still existed. So the only other option was to spend about $2000 and buy a normal economy ticket to get home early.

If you want more details of my thoughts on an itinerary that may be valid,l send me a message because if I write every thing in here I'd be writing a lot more than I already have.

3. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 9y

thanks alot for your advice there, some very helpfull tips... .

ive taken into account all what has been mentioned, and my route is now planned. . .

this is the route i shall take. .

London - Mexico - Brazil - New Zealand - Australia (where i plan to work for 6 months) - Malaysia (train to Thailand) - Thailand - London

i inquired with STA travel about this, and gave them my budget, i filled out an information form on the internet with the details of my trip and my budget, within an hour i got a phone call, where i explained to a very helpfull guy my intentions, and all these flights including 2 internet in australia he said they could manage to do it all with my budgert of £1500 which i found incredible!

basically i was hoping some people who have visited these countries could advise me on some must places to go, and what particular area i should stay in . . my aim on this trip is to surf some waves, meet some great people, party and genrally see what these countrys have to offer. . .

Also with regards to Mexico, i was thinking of staying in or near Tiujana, giving me the ability to venture over the border and spend alittle time in California,. . does anyone know if there are some good surf spots in Tijuana?

many thanks for any help given.

4. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

I can't help as far as surf spots go or what's near Tiujana, but if Partying is what you want, you should definitely make a stop in Mexico City and stay at Amigo Hostel. That place was party til you drop almost. The hostel was very very cheap if you booked on hostelworld instead of just walking up. Cancun was also pretty good for that stuff.

Rio De Janiero is also a must see when in Brazil, but that'll probably be where you land anyway.

If you want a great time, Queenstown is a must in New Zealand but expect to spend loads of cash because it isnt cheap to do activities there.

In the part where you reach Thailand, you could consider booking an Air Asia flight from Bangkok-Hanoi, then doing an overland tour from Hanoi-Saigon. Then you'd do a 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour from Saigon-Phnom Penh where you'd travel Cambodia, maybe Laos and then get back to Bangkok to continue on your RTW ticket.

When in Australia, you shouldn't miss Western Australia in my view as that is the best area of Australia, but most overseas tourists miss it out because of images they have of the place which most the time are not true if you choose the right places. It is definitely the most beautiful and amazing state in Australia and is better than Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and Queensland combined but a lot less backpacker orientated.
Have a great trip.

5. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 9y

Quoting aharrold45

In the part where you reach Thailand, you could consider booking an Air Asia flight from Bangkok-Hanoi, then doing an overland tour from Hanoi-Saigon. Then you'd do a 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour from Saigon-Phnom Penh where you'd travel Cambodia, maybe Laos and then get back to Bangkok to continue on your RTW ticket.

this sounds awesome, and something i'd be very interested in doing, is it something youve done yourself, and if so when? . . how much did you pay back then, how much should i budget for such an excursion, including flight from Bangkok to Hanoi??

is there anybody that can help me with surf spots in or near Tijuana, and also whats the deal with crossing to border to San Diego for a couple of days and then returning to carry on my flight out of Mexico to Brazil, could i really be stuck @ the check point border for 6 or more hours to find myself getting turned away??

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