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A Month in Tanzania

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1. Posted by WeeJoe (Respected Member 336 posts) 9y

Guys, finally decided on my RTW route...first stop is Tanzania for a month before heading to Nepal, flying into and out of Dar es Salaam.

What i need is a few ideas, so that i don't miss anything fantastic (but perhaps hidden) while i'm there. Must include a 6 or 7-day safari in the Serengheti (although i know it wont be cheap - any ideas on costs/good operators etc?), a bit of time in Zanzibar.....and any other ideas, hints, tips or advice no matter how small.

I'll have a month or probably 5 weeks, trying to get a good balance of seeing everything and not breaking the bank!



2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5596 posts) 9y

A good operator is Leopard Tours for sure. I went with them in Tanzania and had a great time, skilled people. They even won a price of best tanzanian tour operator offering safaris. They have camping tours as well!

3. Posted by WeeJoe (Respected Member 336 posts) 9y

Just had a look on their website Utrecht, did you do a camping safari with them? They look quite good, they have Luxury Camping, Standard Camping and Budget Camping safaris, do you have any ideas what prices these may be?

What did your safari entail? Did it go to the Ngorongoro crater etc? Any advice?

4. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 9y

I did a 5 day camping safari in January of 2005. You can find the details in my blog: 5 day camping safari. The five-day, four-night safari consisted of 1 day at Lake Manyara, 3 days in Serengeti National Park and 1 day in the Ngorongoro crater. The trip also included a visit to a Maasai boma village and a visit to Olduvai gorge, though we had to pay separately for those items.

All told my safari (booked in Arusha the day before departure) cost me $US 478, including guide, car, cook, three meals a day, park fees, campsites, tents, sleeping bags and mats, Maasai village visit, Olduvai Gorge fee and tips. Prices have risen since 2005 because the park fees have gone up, so expect to spend some more.

For operators, check out the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators.

For Zanzibar, my advice can be found in this entry: Stone Town and Kendwa beach.

5. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5596 posts) 9y

Quoting WeeJoe

Just had a look on their website Utrecht, did you do a camping safari with them? They look quite good, they have Luxury Camping, Standard Camping and Budget Camping safaris, do you have any ideas what prices these may be?

What did your safari entail? Did it go to the Ngorongoro crater etc? Any advice?

Actually, because I am just not very keen on camping, I did a lodge/hotel tour, but one of the cheaper ones, not the 5 star thing, that's too pricy. And for me, the african lodges add something to the safari sphere. I booked it with an agency in holland already, so I don't know the exact prices, you could send them an email. Maybe they are not one of the cheapest, but if you have the money, just pay a little more for well skilled driver/guide.
Tanzania is more expensive also than Kenya by the way.
I started in Arusha, to Tarangire (nothing special to be honest), on to the Ngorongoro Crater (went down the crater before sunrise, the guide was really flexible considering time), several days in the Serengeti and then back to Lake Manyara and Arusha. I liked Lake Manyara as well, a little suprise. Ngorongoro and Serengeti are just great, disappointment is almost impossible.
Cheers! Michael

6. Posted by kyebrown (Budding Member 62 posts) 9y

I would definately reccommend climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, unforgettable experience, probably need to allow about a week for the trek up and down, and maybe 1 - 2 days for acclimitisation in Arusha beforehand. If you make it to the top it'll be the highlight of your trip to Tanzania and if you go to Zanzibar afterwards it will be welcome relaxation afterwards. But you will need to pack some seriosuly warm clothing! Either way Tanzania is fantastic. Enjoy.

7. Posted by sk_hough (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

Hi Joe,

I got back mid Feb from volunteering and living in Moshi, Tanzania. It was phenomenal. I would advise not booking anything with regard to safari / zanzibar prior to going (not sure if you've left as it's now a month since you posted your note). It's heading into rainy season now so things will cost less and am not sure whether climbs up kili are still going on at this time. I did a 3 day safari which cost me £160 - two nights,all meals. Think we may have got a volunteers rate. That covered Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater (amazing) and Tarangire (not so great). I did do budget style camping though. Zanzibar is amazing. The beaches at Kendwa are paradise and the bungalows (I stayed in one for £7 a night) are great. The bus from Moshi to Dar is 17,000 Tsh (approx £6) and takes about 9 hours. Ferry from Dar to Zanzibar is 3 hours and $20. Stone Town has the best fresh fish bar-b-q in the gardens by the water. There's also a great bar called Dharma Lounge (with air con!).

Can you tell I miss it? Wish you all the best - have an amazing experience.


8. Posted by alefer (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y


In June 2006 me and my wife booked a safari in Kenya and Tanzania with BOBBY TOURS AND SAFARIS.

This agency, seatled in Arusha-Tanzania, says they run a company in Nairobi so they can offer safarys in kenya.

We arrived at nairobi and got on the run to Masai Mara – no problem.
On the first afternoon, as suposed we went on a game drive at Mara Reserve.

The problem was that our driver, a 60-65 year old man didn´t know the reserve, didn´t have a radio comunication device, didn´t have much money nor battery on his cellular phone, no watter suplies and most important, probably no experience at all.

The problem was that 1 hour before sunset he got lost in Masai Mara ( even that he didn´t admit that when i told him he shouldn´t drive west to the sun but east to our lodge (Sarova Mara ).

Then he got stucked in the mud, and gess what, the solution was accelerate to get deeper in the mud!

Then he tried to leave us out of car battery, flashing the car lights without starting the engine (what we had to explain to him)

Then talking on the phone to his boss, he told him we got stucked but not lost.

Then his phone ran without credit and no battery.

The police was looking for us all night, miles away, while we were “sleeping” in a hiena field, near Interpriets lodge

My wife was totally scared. Almost in panic. Because even if you´re inside a Van when a buffalo comes and breaks the windows...

In the morning we got reascued for 2 american biologists

Then we had to convince the boss that we didn´t trust the driver to come back to our lodge ... not an easy job. In the end it was the Interprits lodge that took us to our lodge because the company woudn´t pay for a driver.

In the afternoon we had another driver that managed to make our life miserable in the next 2 days, because we didn´t “cooperate” before.

We went to Tanzanya and told Bobby tours and Safaris that we were the only ones without communications and that we would be dead if we got stucked one minute before in a valey were no one could see us ( and again, no radio, no phone, no watter, no food ).

The only thing they told us was “Sorry no money return for the inconvenience ! (NOR FOR 1 NIGHT AND 2 MEALS LOST IN THE LODGE) but “ instead of 1 day walking safary at Ngorongoro with a ranger we “give” you 1 day at Serengety (NO EXTRA MONEY NEEDED!)