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Where to pick fruit?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Where to pick fruit?

1. Posted by timpwn (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

Hi fellow travellers!
I'm strongly considering extending my WHV in Australia by picking fruit (of course). I'm just wondering if anyone out there have any suggestion av a good place, or even a speciffic farm to do this? The best would of course be a place where you even can afford to save some money whilst working? I'd rather be able to do that, and work hard, then to spend everything, and work less, if you see my point :).
Anyway, thanks in advance for all your good answers!

2. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 9y

... where in oz are you at the moment? There's some good farms along the east coast of oz....

3. Posted by timpwn (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

At the moment, I'm not in Oz at all actually. In fact, I'm planning on going home, and then return around May to extend my visa then (if that's possible? I mean to stay out of the country so long, and then return on the same visa?). So, I could go just anywhere in Oz, whichever is best, simple as that :)

4. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 9y

When you're travelling on a working holiday visa - there's no restrictions on leaving and re-entering Australia, but your 12 months starts from the date you first entered Australia. So, if you are planning on returning in May 07, you will need to ensure it's within the 12 months (i.e. that you first arrived in Australia after June 06). You may want to even have at least 2 months left on the visa to be sure immigration doesn't hasstle you.

In terms of fruit picking - I'd check out the main wine regions of Vic, NSW and SA - they all need seasonal help for grap picking. Only problem you might have with this is harvet time is normall around April/May depending on the weather. Coming into June, you may some difficulty getting fruit picking work, as it's winter. Most farms are actually advertising now for fruit pickers. However, you may be able to get citrus fruit picking work over winter....

I'd suggest talking to job agencies who specialise in Fruit picking such as: Harvest Hotline Australia or Aus Travel Jobs.

Good luck!

5. Posted by timpwn (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

Thank you very much! I will check that out :)

6. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 9y

I've also just found out about the Harvest Trail website.

The website allows you to search for fruit picking jobs in Australia based on the month(s) you are available. Might be worth checking out.