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1. Posted by owen21 (Budding Member 9 posts) 9y

owen21 has indicated that this thread is about New Zealand

hey, me and my friend are travelling the north island in the nz and are looking to find a good night out. we have tried Auckland but find it to be a bit boring and not much going on. Anyone know of any good places to find some good nights? cheers owen

2. Posted by kir19 (Inactive 55 posts) 9y

not sure if you are heading down to the southern part of the north island, but wellington is a great city! i like it much better than auckland. great nightlife, fun bars, and its a beautiful port city.

i stayed at base backpackers when i was there...excellent hostel.

have fun!

3. Posted by phileas (Respected Member 67 posts) 9y

Auckland has suprisingly alot going on once you look for it.

The drum and bass scene is pretty strong with big name djs playing each w/e. check out fu bar or ticket events or the many clubs on k road. the kiwis go mad for it

For R&B (which I hate I have to say), Thursday night at Met on shortland street is heaving.

For breaks, the club underneath Met called Code is wicked.

For more touristy bars checkout the viaduct, loads of choice there.

and the backpacker specials at Base and ACB's Globe Bar.

Loads of stuff going on, try some party pills, they're legal after all

have fun!