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1. Posted by agss241 (Budding Member 31 posts) 9y

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Can somebody tell me approx. what the cost will be for a taxi
from the airport to Orchard Street, Phoenix Hotel? I'm not, of
course, asking to quote a price, just give me an idea what it's
gonna cost me.
We're arriving late at night, 23:30, and I know there are surcharges
Thanks, Tom

(This forum is one of the most helpful information sources I
have ever used)

2. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 613 posts) 9y

Get the MTR (train/tube) from the airport. You might have a short walk to your door, but it will only cost a few dollars and it's safe, clean and fast - it's Singapore!

3. Posted by agss241 (Budding Member 31 posts) 9y

Thanks, Stevie, but I'm thinking taxi because it will be late,
we will have traveled all the way from Seattle, we'll be tired
(especially my wife and the Granddaughter) and we have things
to do the next day. I just figured a taxi would be the quickest,
we want to get to the hotel, check in and get some ZZZZZZs. :)

4. Posted by artichoke (Budding Member 28 posts) 9y

You will be travelling from East to Central.
There will be an airport surcharge. $3 or $5 I cannot remember.
It might be midnight after you have cleared the custom so be prepared to pay an additional 50% on top of the original meter charge.
Say give about $30. Should get you to your hotel safely.
All in Singapore dollars.

In fact, MRT is pretty convenient and very quiet at night. Phoenix Hotel is right next to Somerset Station. Unless you have lots of luggages, you can consider taking the MRT.

5. Posted by agss241 (Budding Member 31 posts) 9y

Thanks artichoke. Just the info I was looking for & thanks for
elaborating a bit on the MRT. Depends on how the ladies feel.


6. Posted by ixoki (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

Hi Tom,

You might find this website useful. Comfort's the main taxi company here and it's very likely you'll be catching one of their cabs. Even if you don't it doesn't matter 'cos most of the rates/charges are similar.

Here you go:

HOpe it helps. Have fun in Singapore.

7. Posted by jlala (Budding Member 36 posts) 9y

Taxi fares are not that expensive in Singapore. If you are carrying luggages, it might be easier to get a cab.

There are 2 surcharges that you are likely to pay
1) Airport surcharge.

Every trip starting from Changi Airport
Friday to Sunday (5.00pm to 12 midnight) $5.00
All other times $3.00

2) Late night surcharge
Late Night Surcharge
11.30pm to 11.44pm : 10% of metered taxi fare
11.45pm to 11.59pm : 20% of metered taxi fare
12 midnight to 12.59am : 35% of metered taxi fare
1.00am to 6.00am : 50% of metered taxi fare

A ride from the airport to the city (excluding surcharges) is about $15.00 - $20.00

Hope this helps.

There are other transport options listed in the airport website. You can check it out here.

8. Posted by Kelvin Ang (Budding Member 45 posts) 9y

Quoting stevieh

Get the MTR (train/tube) from the airport. You might have a short walk to your door, but it will only cost a few dollars and it's safe, clean and fast - it's Singapore!

Unfortunately the last train to depart the airport leaves at around 11:15pm, so Tom will probably not make it in time.

The applicable surcharges for a taxi ride would be the airport surcharge of a few dollars, as well as a 50% extra on meter readings if you arrive at your destination after midnight.

9. Posted by rama_h (Inactive 91 posts) 9y

i went from changi to downtown with a cab, cost total of +/- S$ 20.