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Travel map destination help needed

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1. Posted by worldwideG (Respected Member 117 posts) 9y

hello guys 'n' girls, could someone please help me find the co-ordinates for dongcheng, near yading in china. is there a good website that anyone uses to find long and lat? the travel map feature is great but it is a bit difficult to get the right locations. thanks for any help, pete

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y

What province is that in? I type in dongcheng in the map tool and get 10 results in the drop down, each in a different province. It could of course be the case it's none of those ten in which case it's a tough one since it will fall outside of the auto complete suggestions. You'd then have to use the zoom function on the map to actually zoom in far enough in the right area till it shows up.

With 2 million or so placenames included in our system, you'd be surprised at the tiny places that show up :)

3. Posted by worldwideG (Respected Member 117 posts) 9y

hi sam, dongcheng is a small town in yunnan province and is not listed in the ten that drop down. zooming in doesn't help either. the town is located near yading national park and a bus runs between dongcheng and chengdu (18 hrs!). can't really give you more info and i've spent a while searching on the internet. any help much appreciated, pete

4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y

Hmmm, if it doesn't show up when zooming in really close to the right area, then it probably isn't included. What you can do in this case is zoom in to where you know it roughly is, click on the map, and type the name into the input box that appears. It won't be perfect of course if you can't find the exact lat/long, but it'll appear from then on on your map and you can just click on it to allocate photos etc.

I did some searches online too, but not much luck; it must be REALLY small?! Alternatively, maybe a search in Chinese would bring it up or under a local name?