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Safety for foreigners travelling in India & SE Asia

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1. Posted by anasmith (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y

anasmith has indicated that this thread is about India

Was recently in India and with some areas having lest of western tourist traffic found myself pretty unprotected at times. India is not very safe for single female tourist. -snip-

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2. Posted by citybell (Full Member 419 posts) 12y

Did anything happen to you while you were in India or SEAsia? Or is it your own fear that you felt unprotected. There are lots of single lady travellers who have visited and revisited and still visiting Inida and finding and enjoying their stay India.You have not explained on what basis you found that India is not safe.You are misleading single female tourists with your imaginary sweeping general comment.
Or is that you want to promote pepper spray of a particular company??
It is quite amusing when you say that you found lots of confidence with just pepper spray.

3. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 12y

anasmith is certainly promoting the product of a certain company. There are so many females visiting india. Its really ridiculous that pepper powder will give you confidence. Morever "anasmith" has posted the same message in more than 10-15 threads some with no connection to this. Anyone who is genuine will only copy the same message in 1 or atlmos 2 threads . I request Mr. Admin that plz stop this advertising compaign of anasmith.

4. Posted by anasmith (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y

Dear all,
I am sorry if I offended anyone- I am used to carrying something with me for safety due to a terrible incident with an old room mate.... I know largely India is a very peacefull country- I had my tickets booked in advance, so could not cancel out at the last minute when I came to know that a swiss embassy attache had been raped.... I do not intend to go around spraying people- that can of pepper spray was my last resort. I only intended to warn people carrying any self defence articles into india to leave them at home and buy the local alternative if they felt need for it....
On a sadder note-

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5. Posted by niteshb_in (Full Member 30 posts) 12y

anasmith, that was really bad of you. Ya, Citybell and Aman are Indians and so am I. And I am also a male. And if you think that all Indian males are "arrogant", well I don't know what to say.

Ya, a swiss diplomat was raped, but I am sure there is a side of story that was never published. From the whole incident I am sure there was some provacative element from the attache side (not just clothing). I have read the whole incident as narrated by the swiss diplomat, and I have this inference for that incident.... Nothing more, nothing less...

And if you think Indian males here are "touts", then well, these forums are not for foriegners writing about India but also seeking help (FROM INDIANS, EVEN IF THEY ARE MALES).

Can't you read the occupation. Has he writtern "Travel agent" or something....

You better apologize for that to them, even if your insecurities about India stand (well I too feel unsafe at times, but still don't carry pepper spray. For God's sake I never wish to carry firearm for sure. Are you American??)

6. Posted by alluwanted (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

We strongly object to this kind of irresponsible postings.
Indians are known for their warmth and respect they give to their guest. This posting is clearly an 'AD' for the product and should not post negative messages just to promote a product.

annasmith is certainly not a genuine person and has posted the same message (cut & paste) in all the forums talking about India in this site. Just refer the postings done by 'annasmith'. She has not posted any thing other than this.

She has not mentioned what happened and how many times , when and where!

Just buying a Pepper Spray gives confidence and the country where you buy pepper spray is unsafe? Think about the countries where the Pepper Spray sales are the highest.

Pelse stop this nonsense and do not promote prodcuts by degrading the pride of a country.


7. Posted by Amitdeep (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y

Come on guys give the girl a break. She obviously did not enjoy her trip to India- and though I also felt angry that she reffered to all Indian males as "very arrogant and lecherous" are we not at least behaving arrogantly right now? I am sorry ana you had a bad trip- and sometimes Indian males can behave like idiots when they see fair skin. But is that not true for some americans? don't they behave like idiots?
Sorry I am being arrogant!
A word of caution my young friend-"niteshb_in"- your comments on the swiss diplomat-
"Ya, a swiss diplomat was raped, but I am sure there is a side of story that was never published. From the whole incident I am sure there was some provacative element from the attache side (not just clothing). "

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8. Posted by ranasingh (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y

i think ana is a genuine person- if she was a robot poster she would have not cared to post reply to attack on her- she is obviously pissed- secondly she made a mistake in the original post and corrected it immediately- that rules out a commercial promotion.
on a more personal note niteshb_in STOP blaming rape victims for the rape- you are the kind of person who will rape and then give excuse- why was she wearing short fashionable clothes. what do you think- all women should wear burka- -snip-

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9. Posted by sunitarao (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y

Alluwanted- She has not mentioned what happened and how many times , when and where!


Dear Ana I am personally sorry if your experince in India was bad- sadly some Indian male still live in 18th century- just because they can use a computer and log on to a forum does not mean they are intelligent, smart and willing to give any women equal rights. As a Indian working women I understand your plight.

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10. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 12y

Hello Anasmith,

If your experience in india is not good then it is really bad for us. Dear Ana i feel sorry on behalf of Indian especially males. There are always 2 sections of society good and bad i.e some peoples(read male as well as females ) are good while some are bad. The people we come across and we have the impression about that country. Even i have read in this same forum about the similar type of incidences in Europe written by some females tourists but certainly they have not written about carrying pepper spray, its really childish. There was an incidence i know where a female tourist fell seriosly ill in the remote area of himalaya. then a local male taken her to his home and worked day night with her and after she recovered and now went to her country she is now saying she has very good impression about indian people(male). unfortunately you come across some of the bad males and you had this impression. These type of males who teases females are a black spot on any community. In india we are really confused how to remove these black spots. Govt suggested the death penalty for rapists but the woman opposed it. I think instead of taking hard step we need to change the mentallity of these peoples. But how? Ana if you have some suggestion based on your experience (ofcourse carrying peppr spray is not a solution !!!!! hehe)then tell me i will forward it to indian govt on your behalf. would you favour death penalty or something else ? tell us. Also In this context it is not ana but we indians have to anlyzed that what really is wrong and try to remove that problem from our society. Ana We really feel sorry and i hope that next time you would not come across any such situation and will have a much better impression about india as well as indian males. Good Luck for that. Come India Again. We will wait for You.