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41. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

Quoting beerman

Quoting james

Fear? Fear of what?

Nostradamus made predictions of World War 3 in the year 2085 so there's no environmental issue.

We can all sleep easy

I don't want to die when I'm 124!!!

James, you got a toothpick? I think I have an environmentalist stuck in my teeth.....

I'll be 132 and that's way too young to die!!! But, there's a chance that we'll do a very good job of messing everything up before then so it won't be worth fighting over anyway.

42. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

I read, that the human life span is potentially 150 years.
I dont know when it is predicted, that medicine etc with become advanced enough, for us, to actually die of old age, instead of other things.

43. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 9y

Quoting Mel.

I read, that the human life span is potentially 150 years.

It would be a big disaster if some people were to live that long.

44. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

Yeah, it would.
Ian Paisley, for example. Him dying would solve a few problems. ;)

45. Posted by NantesFC (Respected Member 531 posts) 9y

Question is, do you want to live to be 150? Most people who hit 70 have problems moving and that leaves a full 80 years to go....

46. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

I think health care will be greatly improved, by the time we can live, to be 150 Nantes. We probably wont have such problems moving about them.
But, even if I had trouble moving about, I would still be interested in observing what is going on in society, around me. See how it changes.:)

47. Posted by daphnemaia (Full Member 155 posts) 9y

stop using styrofoam, CFC products, 'disposable' (but not biodegradable) plastic containers, and even paper cups/plates (u're chopping down trees)

when there is a demand, there will be supply.

if ppl stop wanting to buy these stuff, there will be less of it.

and to all chinese: please say no to sharks' fin soup. u can live without the fins, but the sharks can't live without their fins! n that's what happens - they slice the fins off the sharks, n then throw the bodies back into the sea. obviously the sharks cannot live n swim without fins. so they die. n they are now endangered because PEOPLE STILL WANT THEIR SHARKS' FIN SOUP.

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48. Posted by NantesFC (Respected Member 531 posts) 9y

If it gets bad enough do you think it'll reach the point where global regulations will require drastic changes to all populations? Right now we can choose to do whatever we want to, even if it's harmful to the environment. But it's very probable that there will be a point sometime in the future (If this continues as it is now) where we will ALL BE FORCED to change our habits (International regulations and laws with severe punishments for offenders)

It might take a complete global catastrophe for people to realize it. By the time this happens though depending on what it is, it may be too late