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Travel Forums Off Topic HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENDA(N)!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

I realize I am quite early in posting this one, but family obligations and Easter require my attention over the weekend...


Here's to you having a wonderful birthday (April 8th)!! Hopefully you are not stuck in the Great White North of Canuckistan working on the frozen tundra. (But, that money will buy the investment condo of your dreams...) May you have a great day filled with all of your favorite things!

Isa has prepared a very, very special meal for your birthday! She is very proud of her achievements as she does not usually work with these particular ingredients. First, she hands you a large pitcher of iced gooseberry martinis. The first course will consist of dal shorva (creamy lentil soup w/caremalized onions). This shall be followed by a lovely ratatouille wrapped in (eggless) crepes drizzled with a piquant roasted red pepper sauce and a lemon lentil salad on the side. To finish, a luscious apple juice glazed carrot cake.

Okay, so Isa does work with roasted red peppers, carrots and apple juice. She does not work with lentils or eggplant on a regular basis. You should be very excited that she made such sacrifices for your birthday. Hopefully the lingering odors will have dissipated by the time she and Beerman have returned home.

Have a great Birthday, Brenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

2. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 9y


I have ordered a big box of lentils for you. It should be arriving anytime now.
Hope you have a great lentil-filled birthday!

3. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 9y


Hi Brendan - hope you have a wonderful day and that the sun shines (or the temperature comes out of negative figures!) have lots and lots of fun whatever you may do!


4. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3379 posts) 9y

Hi Brenda,
Happy birthday! Get some vodka shots and get really drunk, enjoy;)

So Brenda girl, how old have u become, dear?


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5. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3379 posts) 9y

Quoting Hien

I have ordered a big box of lentils for you. It should be arriving anytime now.
Hope you have a great lentil-filled birthday!

what about the durians?

6. Posted by Elnaz (Inactive 296 posts) 9y

Happy birthday my dear Brenda
i hope you will live for many years.

7. Posted by Brendan (Respected Member 1824 posts) 9y

haha everyone, thanks for the well wishes. And Isa that sounds delicious! I could go for that right now! Do you have recipes for those?

Thanks for all of the lentils Hien! I will make you a batch of sweet & sour for you. and Vodka isn't a bad idea at all! Purdy, It's actually quite nice here, about 15 degrees and sunny (west coast of Canada). I'm the big 2-4 this year Wouterr so I may get a 2-4 of vodka to wash down the Vegan Chocolate Cake