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Tunisia - Star Wars and Libya?

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Tunisia - Star Wars and Libya?

1. Posted by Gecko (Budding Member, 35 posts) 9 Apr '07 11:57

Hi. A few questions in one here please. (I'll be buying the new LP guide to Tunisia, but it's not out until 20th April and I can't wait that long to get some answers!)

I will be staying in Sousse for 1 week in June and was wondering if there are tours from here to the areas where the Star Wars films were shot? Has anybody taken one of these tours, how much do they cost and do you have any tips?

Also, is it possible to do a tour to Tripoli and Leptis Magna in Libya from Sousse, or would I have to travel down to Djerba? Can you travel independently into Libya, if so I'd appreciate any travel tips - and can you pick up a visa at the border?

Thanks very much!


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2. Posted by chelseakyp (Budding Member, 86 posts) 11 Apr '07 00:49

Hi Phil,

I stayed in Monastir for two weeks last June and did a tour from the was a 3 day/ 2 night tour that included tours of the star wars set, the crystal desserts, a camel ride in the Sahara and some stops at local things such as markets and little towns - also to where people still live in caves. All in all it was a good trip and worth the money, I believe it cost around £100 each but all meals where included.

Enjoy ur break :)

3. Posted by t_maia (Moderator, 3291 posts) 11 Apr '07 11:36

Check out this site: - best online travel guide to Tunisia. (Server is currently down, though.)

For Star Wars, see

I've been to Tozeur, Tataouine, Matmata and the Chott El Jerid I and I can highly recommend going there. (Though my enthusiasm about the place had more to do with Karl May than with Star Wars.)

Other highlights are El Jem and in Sousse the Ribat and the museum in on Roman mosaics. They are an absolute must if you got only the slightest interest in Roman culture and history.

4. Posted by Gecko (Budding Member, 35 posts) 11 Apr '07 13:05

Thanks guys, good tips and links. I usually to do my own research, but been so busy at work recently, I've barely had time to Google!

Chelseakyp (why the name?) - that tour sounds great, I'm not particularly a Star Wars fan, it's just that I've seen photos of southern Tunisia and it looks stunning! I really need to get out of the rat race, out of the city where I work, and into the desert - even if it's only for 2 days!

t-maia, I looked up Karl may (sorry, I'd never heard of him) - interesting. If you enjoy reading books set in the Middle East and would appreciate reading an amazing story, I recommend buying River God by Wilbur Smith and reading it on holiday in Egypt.

5. Posted by t_maia (Moderator, 3291 posts) 11 Apr '07 13:26

Quoting Gecko

t-maia, I looked up Karl may (sorry, I'd never heard of him) - interesting. If you enjoy reading books set in the Middle East and would appreciate reading an amazing story, I recommend buying River God by Wilbur Smith and reading it on holiday in Egypt.

I'll do that, especially if you promise me to pick up Karl May, Oriental Odyssee I for your trip to Tunisia. It is available from and gives your visit to Chott El Jerid a totally different flavour.

BTW, it is not possible to travel independently to Lybia. You need to go on a guided tour. Inquire at the Lybian embassy in your country, they are usually very helpful.

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6. Posted by chelseakyp (Budding Member, 86 posts) 12 Apr '07 10:02

Im not into Star Wars that much either but we got to sit in the caves that its filmed and locals cook you some really yummy Tunisian food. Its a great experience and i'd say very worth doing. On the second day of our trip we had to get up at 4am to see a sunset over the crytal sands - that too was just amazing!

i am a chelsea fan and my surname starts with kyp which is the reason for my name :)

7. Posted by Gecko (Budding Member, 35 posts) 12 Apr '07 11:02

chelseakyp - thanks, you've convinced me! I think I'll scrap my Libya plans and do this 3 day tour - it sounds great!
Ahh, your username, I thought as much... I think it's only fair that I tell you you've been voluntarily offering travel advice to a Man U supporter..! (Who actually lives in Manchester by the way!) This proves that travel is thicker than football (to corrupt a well known phrase). I'll think of you, and maybe even feel a little sad for you, when we win those 3 games in May - 1) title decider at Stamford Bridge, 2) FA Cup final at Wembley and 3) Champions League Final in Athens..!

t_maia - thanks, I looked at that website and one of those books (you didn't mention there were 5 by the way! I guess you can't just read one of them?!) had a picture of the Temple of Jupiter at Baalbet in Lebanon on the cover - I've been there, so I am actally tempted to get one of these books (the 1st one, obviously!).

8. Posted by t_maia (Moderator, 3291 posts) 13 Apr '07 13:24

Karl May was one of the most prolific writers in German history - he wrote over a hundred books , which are all connected through his alter egos Old Shatterhand and Kara Ben Nemsi.

The Oriental Odyssee is a cyclus that originally appeared in the 1860ies in a weekly newspaper print, a format similar to modern daily soap operas. In was later bound and issued in 6 seperate volumes. M. Michalak is translating the Odyssee Cyclus, but he has split the books up so that the English translation will have more volumes than the German original.

It is the story of a journey roughly cycling the Med and covering the countries of what was then the Ottoman Empire. (Thus the subtitle: Shadow of the Padisha). Volume One covers the adventures in Tunisia and Egypt, setting the scene for things that happen at the end of the series. If you like it, you can get the rest of the books after reading the first.

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