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Travel Forums Off Topic Websites

1. Posted by asey16 (Budding Member 51 posts) 9y

I know we are not supposed to promote websites on the other pages of this forum, but wondered if it was ok to do it here in the off topic area.

2. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 9y


Unfortunately for you, the rules cover the entire forums.

Generally, it is not allowed. But under certain circumstances, we allow the posting of website links. If you're not sure of it, you could send what you wanted to post to a moderator of the forum and let the moderator decide.

3. Posted by asey16 (Budding Member 51 posts) 9y

Thank Hien. I haven't got inportant sites at the moment I wanted to post but just wanted to know for future reference. I know breaking this sort of rule can be frowned upon.

4. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 9y

It's not frowned upon - it's not allowed. Unless there is a good reason for putting a link to another site it will most likely be deleted by one of the moderators, but they will of course use their own discretion.

5. Posted by Brendan (Respected Member 1824 posts) 9y

Quoting mikeyBoab

It's not frowned upon - it's not allowed.

Those two things are not mutually exclusive mikey ;)

(this post was brought to you by a good humoured person, making light of the situation by posting a relevant link to another site that is allowed, in the hopes of shedding light on the fact that when posting a link one should use good judgement and a common sense approach. Not posting to lewd, graphic, pornographic, etcetera material. The entire reason the internet works the way it does is because of links, they are needed - without them the internet is nothing.)

6. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 9y

Funny, B, funny....

Seriously though.....Alex, use your best discretion, and when in doubt, ask the Mod of that Forum. We Mods don't get mad at people for making mistakes...only if they're malicious in some form or another.