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1. Posted by singal (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

hi all,

i've applied for the working holiday maker visa but got rejected. the reasn they gave was thta i wasn't prepare enough to tell them about places i would like to visit. i was given the option to appeal r to reapply. if thre's anyone out there who's been through the same experience please give me some advice on how to go about getting teh visa. i was thinking to reapply. so i was wondering how much money do i need to have? how should i show them that i really want to bisit Europe, the reason why i didn't planned my itinerary is cos i ahve the luxury of staying with my friend and i think it's more convinient to plan my flights and accomodation when i get there.

please help.

devastated me.........:(

2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

I haven't been through that at all, but given what you wrote, I think you should definitely do a bit of a look in to places around UK/Europe and what you hope to do. Like in your interview did you say something like you have heard so many great things about doing a working holiday in the UK and it will be a good opportunity to fulfil some of my dreams of seeing Europe and seeing things that I could only ever dream of seeing in Singapore and I know that I'm not entitled to do this if I lave it much longer (assuming you are 29 like your profile says that'd be an accurate statement and should be included). I'd like to spend time working in London before doing some travel around the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and then probably head back to the UK unless I still had some money left. I'd then do some more work and after saving up enough money I hope to travel to places like Germany, Austria and Italy before heading back to the UK to do some more work until my working visa runs out. Then I'll travel a bit more around Europe before heading back home to Singapore.

If they asked you why you want to go to the above mentioned countries, say that you have a keen interest in history and also like the mountains and nature and have heard that those countries are meant to have a lot of history and a lot of great nature. If they asked what places you plan on visited in those countries, say you plan on visiting all the big cities, but then will see what else is worth seeing and what places fit my interests when I get there.

Even if the places I mentioned were not the places you had in mind, you hate history and nature, if you said something along those lines but changed the countries to better suit what you hope to see. Doing that would demonstrate that you are doing the sort of thing that most people on working "holiday" visas do and that you are not planning on spending your entire time working in one job and then probably overstaying the visa and living there illegally. It would show you plan on travelling which is normally the main purpose of doing something like what you are hoping to do.

Even though you plan on staying with your friend, just try and imagine you have not got a friend there and you are beginning your trip knowing nobody and are having to make entirely new friends. After you have figured out London and what you like there, then you will look to move in to a flat somewhere in a nice area of London you like.

I've never done a working holiday or had to go for an interview like yours, but by what you said they refused your application on, what I have written above would probably be the types of things you didn't say and you probably needed to for them not to refuse your application.

Definitely appeal and just be more prepared when you go in to the interview as you've already done it once so you'll know what sorts of questions to expect.

I don't know how much money you need, but I think for Australians you are meant to have $5000AUD, so maybe it is $5000Singapore Dollars, but you'd want to check that out. It'd probably be mentioned on the UK embassy in Singapore's website, but definitely look in to that before you go in for another try.

I'm almost certain that if you have of done something like this when you first went instead of saying I plan on staying at my friends house (or something like that), well you would have been given the visa. They would have had no concerns that you were there for the wrong reasons because you would have presented your thoughts, plans and wishes for the trip.


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3. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 9y

Quoting aharrold45

I don't know how much money you need, but I think for Australians you are meant to have $5000AUD, so maybe it is $5000Singapore Dollars, but you'd want to check that out. It'd probably be mentioned on the UK embassy in Singapore's website, but definitely look in to that before you go in for another try.

The requirement for applicants in Malaysia is about MYR 15000, which is about GBP 2200.

AUD 5000 is approximately GBP 2100.

With that, I think Singaporeans will have to show them at least an equivalent of GBP 2000 (approx SGD 6000) in their bank accounts.

4. Posted by singal (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

hi Hien,

thansk for your advice. i have not mentioned all that you've said, probably that why t hey rejected my visa. i'm not exactly a planner. i prefer to go there then make plans there. they don't seems to understand. well' if that what they want then i'll do an itinerary for them. sigh..........

thanks again. will appeal.

5. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 9y

Quoting singal

... i'm not exactly a planner. i prefer to go there then make plans there. ...

Sorry to tell you that that's exactly what they are trying to prevent. You should look from their point of view. Imagine thousands of working holiday-makers going all the way to the UK without any plans, and then realised that they couldn't make it through (financially/mentally/socially/etc) and possibly end up being just another problem to the UK if they don't return.

What they want is young travellers who are prepared to be there, able to support ownself at least for the first couple of months while looking for a job (that's when the money comes in useful), know where they want to go, what they want to do, and what they should do.

6. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

Quoting singal

they don't seems to understand

Well it is like that with most countries as they live in the past and not the way of the modern day traveller. Like on those arrival forms that they always ask for your address in the country. Most young people don't prebook accommodation in the country and certainly not all the accommodation in the country. The question where are you staying, well that is something that most people could not answer and be totally honest, because even if you had prebooked your first few nights, you wouldn't know where you were staying in all the other hostels/hotels that you may decide in future places until closer to the time.

You just have to act and claim things the way they want and not the way you would like or you are thinking. If you tell the truth they get suspicious even though you only have good things intended, but telling lies that they can't easily check up on ie a holiday itinerary like I mentioned, well they will be more at ease.

Read the British High Commission in Singapore website and see what it says you need to do with the appeal, because you want to be sure to word the form properly and make it very attractive to them rather than suspicious. If you just be sure to expand more on your trip and the fact it is a working holiday you are wanting and not a whole new permanent move to work in the UK, you hopefully will succeed if you get to talk to them and remember the sorts of things I wrote in my first reply.

Goodluck with your appeal, let us know if you succeed with your appeal.

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7. Posted by sienhuat (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

Hi singal,
did you go for interview? or you just submit your itinerary with your application?

8. Posted by melpunk (Budding Member 42 posts) 9y


i hope you're aware that the appeal period can take anytime between 6months to a year?

when i applied for my visa, all i wrote was a one-page letter (font size 12) which described my immediate plans upon arrival. i do not think it has to be extremely lengthy.

all they want to see is why u want this visa (at this point u shd say u want to travel terribly, and travelling is ur main purpose). i think one of the main concerns the ppl at the embassy have abt issuing this visa, is that applicants have enough money to survive in uk. which is why in ur letter, u must detail how you are going to go about securing a job. of cos it will also help if u add in info abt the places u intend to visit during ur time there.

most importantly, u MUST have a minimum of 2000GBP in your bank account, which works out to approx 6000SGD. or else ur application is quite likely to fail.

hope that helps, and good luck!

9. Posted by butter (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

Hi Singal, my uk whm visa application has been rejected too. so guess we're in the same boat.. i'm still thinking if i should make an appeal.. from what i've heard, an appeal process may stretch to a year or longer.. that would totally defeat the purpose of applying for this visa now.. i have plans to be back in sg in the last quarter of 2008 and continue with my studies..

anyone can help me out with some details? give me some opinions.. would really appreciate it.. is it advisable for me to apply for a 6 month social visit visa instead under current circumstances? because as a Singaporean, you don't need a visa to visit the UK but from what i understand, due to the visa refusal, i have to apply for a social visit visa in order to enter the UK.. I've got some holiday plans which i really hope to fulfill.. but if i'm just going to waste money, time and effort on a lost battle i would rather not try.. and is it really impossible for me to holiday in the UK without applying for the social visit visa? what kind of problems would i encounter at the airport if so? please fill me in with some details.. anyone.. thanks..

10. Posted by smallkid (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

Hi, I'm from Singapore and I'm planning for my UK Holidaymaker Visa next year. Any Singaporeans already there or planning to go around that time? Any advise?