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Clothing to take to SE Asia

Travel Forums Asia Clothing to take to SE Asia

1. Posted by brentus (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

I leave for a 10 week trip to Vietnam, Loas, Cambodia and Thailand at the end of next month, and I'm wondering what sort of clothing to take and how much (remembering I have limited space in my backpack)! I know it's going to be stinking hot in most places I visit, so I'll msot likely get around in singlets. However, is it considered disrespectful for a male to wear singlets in some of the temples? Or any other places?
I come from a climate similar to SE Asia, which is a bonus.. but it also means that any hint of a chill or breeze and im freezing! Would it be worth packing warm clothes for when I get up to northern vietnam where i believe it can get quite cool?
Jeans! Surely I'm going to need a pair for when I go out to a bar/club, correct?
Shoes! How many pairs of shoes would you normally take? I think 1 pair of thongs, 1 pair of runners, and 1 pair of 'going out' shoes.

Silly questions I realise, but I don't want to arrive with too many clothes stuffed in the backpack!

2. Posted by Curt1591 (Respected Member 230 posts) 9y

However, is it considered disrespectful for a male to wear singlets in some of the temples? Or any other places?

In our youth, we think shorts and singlets are the best way to deal with sun and heat. When we grow older, we find we were wrong.

Some people can pull off wearing shorts, but most look like they just rolled off the beach. If you just rolled off the beach, this is fine. If you are touring around Bangkok, it really isn't.

"Singlets" won't make a good impression with most Thais. They are pretty much viewed as underwear. It will put one in the social status of the drunken old man, smoking on the porch, yelling at the wife!

Tales of mistreatment and sour experiences are rising.
Many say that Thais have changed.
I think the visitors have changed and the Thais are simply responding to them.

3. Posted by waterlily (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

I don't think you'd need to pack warm clothes, I suppose a cotton jacket would be good enough for northern Vietnam if it happens to be chilly at night.

Try not to wear singlet & shorts if you're visiting temples. T-shirt & jeans would be more appropriate, though a pair of knee-length Bermuda pants would be ok. Clothing is the least you should worry about as you can find plenty of cheap clothes in most of the SE Asian countries.

Have a pleasant trip.

4. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 9y

T shirts and jeans should be fine. Pack light - u can always buy clothes from the markets, and dirt cheap too as locally made surpluses from Nike and Adidas end up there too. A sarong would be handy too, and regarding footwear a pair of sandals for the beach etc and as backup along with some proper boots/runners should do fine. U can also find cheap footwear at most of the markets in SEA, except perhaps Burma and Laos.

Just a sweater/windbreaker would do fine for N.Vietnam, u can always do layering with the clothes if it gets too cold. As for the temples try not to wear singlets or shorts, it is considered disrespectful and u may be barred from entering.

5. Posted by bwiiian (Travel Guru 768 posts) 9y

Clothes really are so cheap that if you really need something warm to put on you can just buy something from the market. I would suggest not packing anything like a sweater but just put 30 dollars aside in case you need to buy some trainers, a sweater, some jeans, a tailor made shirt etc as you could buy all of these for 30 dollars!!! (well, probably, well, it is very cheap anyway)

6. Posted by brentus (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

Thanks for the replies guys/girls
As has been suggested, I think I'll just pack light as any essentials can easily be paid for really cheaply.