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South America Itinerary for Dumbies?

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11. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

How is this for an Itinerary

Depart June 10

Day 1) Copacabana Cathedral, The Christ , Copacabana beach - explore
Day 2) Sugar Loaf @ Sunset, Paraty
Day 3) Petrópolis, Botanical Garden
Day 4) Ipanema Beach
Day 5) The Tijuca National Park
Day 6) Scuba Diving, Iguassu Falls
Day 7) Extra Sky Diving/rafting/

Day 8) Manaus Trip along river, Municipal Market
Day 9) Opera House, Floating Dock , Customs House
Day 10) Ponta Negra Beach, Mindu Park

São Paulo
Day 12) Parque ibirapuera
Day 13) Museu do Ipiranga, Instituto Cultural Tomie Ohtake
Day 14) Walk aroud Teatro Municipal, Bienal Pavilion, Copan Building, Basilica de Sao Bento
Day 15) Planetarium (Planetario), Museu Memoria do Bixig


Day 16) Monteviejo
Day 17) Parque General San Martin,,
Day 18) Villavicencio Spa, Museo Historico General San Martin
Day 19) Acuario Municipal de Mendoza
Day 20) The Way of 365 Curves

Buenos Aires;

Day 21) Casa Rosada, Plaza Dorrego,Museo Evita
Day 22) Microcentro

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12. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

Quoting NateKristy

Brazil/Argentina would be much shorter distances, and I think for three weeks might be the better bet. Also, with Venezuela/Colombia you will definitely need some basic spanish skills. Venezuela was also relatively difficult to navigate compared to other countries i've been to.

BUT Colombia/Venezuela are amazing. In fact, if i could live somewhere other than here, I would choose one of those places.

Definitely check out Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Rio. You could do, like, 3 days in each city, plus a day at each city doing outdoor adventure stuff in the area around. and then you would still have a couple days left for relaxing or random adventures.

that being said, city life is very different depending, well, on the city. so you may not get the "taste of brazil and argentina" but you will get a feel for those cities at least. :)

Hey thanks for your reply. What do you think of my plan?

13. Posted by kalimero (Budding Member 50 posts) 9y

good idea to stick to two countries instead of the four mentionned previously.

now how are you going around places cuz in your itinerary you havent let any time for that... and how are you getting to Manaus cuz thats up North?

its seems to me you wont have time to enjoy the places, you'll be too busy going around trying to see everything.... i take it you're arriving in one country say : Rio and departing from Buenos Aires? that would be the logical thing to do since you don't have much time and will avoid backtracking....

if i was you, i would start in Rio, then go to Sao Paolo, south to iguazu falls, then to Buenos Aires ...or vice versa ...

i'm leaving for brazil next thursday and will spend a month doing the southern part of it ...i'll give you more info's once im there ... as for me i prefer not to plan anything and just chill but then again, i got 4 months to travel Brazil & Bolivia & Northern Argentina.


14. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

Thanks for the reply Carol

Trip ideas are just tentative, I am not sure of the distances between the places, but thats basically a list of what I would like to do. The best thing to do is make the plans when I get there?

To get to Manus I would fly there.

My plan is to start @ Rio and make flights to Buenos Aires.

Thanks for your help.

15. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

Rio,Manus, São Paulo

Mendoza, Buenos Aires

How much time would be reasonable to spend at each place?
Is there another worth visting?
Time limit is about 2..5 weeks.


16. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

bump, want to make flight plans.

17. Posted by kalimero (Budding Member 50 posts) 9y

I can't really help you with distances because i havent been there yet but im sure you can find it here ...

i'd suggest you take an open jaw flight arriving either in Sao Paolo or Buenos Aires and returning from the other city, that way you won't have to backtrack. and then just take a flight to manaus and back .... i for one would forget about going to Manaus as its soo far away and seems pointless to take a return flight with all the pollution that can cause but it you're set on it well its your choice after all....

good luck,


18. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

Thanks Carol.

What do you mean by an open jaw flight? I think once I am in the country it will be easier to plan and determine distances.

Any ideas how much time I should spend in the mentioned cities? If i forget Manaus what will be the alternative to get the Amazon experience?

19. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 9y

return flight = fly from one place to another and back.

open jaw = fly into one place from X and fly back to X from a different place.

example London - Bs As and then Rio - London.

you defo want an open jaw mate. costs a little more but not much. the benefits on such a short time frame outweigh the cost involved.

20. Posted by beyondevil (Inactive 14 posts) 9y

Got it, thanks

I plan to spend 6 days in rio- establish that as my base and make excursions to where ever from there.

3 days in Manus
4 days in Sao Paulo
4 Days in Mendoza
1 week in Buenos Aires- base and make short trips from there.