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1. Posted by rach13 (Inactive 17 posts) 9y

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i am planning on going auckland in june/july but it is not really holiday and so i dont really want to stay in backpackers, i would prefer something that has its own bathroom and kitchen. such as a studio apartment, i am on quite a tight budget so just looking for something that is basic but clean. i have been looking at motor parks and motels but everything seems to be quite expensive. this will be my first trip to new zealand so i dont really know what to expect or what average prices are. if anyone could give me adive on places to stay and what price range i should be expecting i would really appreciate it.

thanks so much.

2. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 611 posts) 9y

Hard to be specific, because Auckland is a big place, but can you live just outside and commute in? If you're working, can you share with any co-workers?
Campsites might sound an odd option, nut in NZ, they have cabins - which vary from a shed-with-a-bed, to a luxury chalet with all facilities. That's where I'd start looking for budget but private accommodation with a few facilities.
Start with

3. Posted by rach13 (Inactive 17 posts) 9y

i will actually be travelling with my dad which is why i dont think backpackers is an option really. thanks for the advise. will check the site out...

4. Posted by cork girl (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

NZ is cheap for accommodation. Ye could probably get a twin room at a hostel (a nice one!) and not have to spend too much. I found NZ the cheapest place for accommodation in all my travels. Worth checking out some hostels on line. YHA seems to be the most extensive but nice places usually.

5. Posted by Gareth88 (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

You cant go wrong with top ten. Definately recommended.

Other ideas... I wouldnt bother trying to rent an appartment, one short term contracts they will cost a bomb compared to other alternatives. You may just want to look into motels in central area, check out the following link (you might need to skip a few pages to get through the hotels but worth a look to get an idea of prices).

6. Posted by rach13 (Inactive 17 posts) 9y

thanks for all the help guys. really appreciate it