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Guided tour or self exploration??

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Guided tour or self exploration??

1. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 9y

When visiting these countries in the ME is it worth getting a guided tour or visiting all the various places by yourself, having done some research, bearing in mind that cost is usual a major factor for travellers. I know that some of these tours can be quite expensive... Cheers;)

2. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 9y

Whoops, sorry, I meant Exploring yourself not self exploration, though you are welcome to!!!

3. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 9y

Hey fellow manc!

I would definitely recommend exploring independently – as you say, tours are extremely costly and don’t allow you the flexibility that you would get doing it on your own. I have just come back from Syria and Jordan and it was so easy (and cheap) to get around independently, and whenever we arrived at a bus station not knowing where to go (as the signs were in Arabic only) someone would invariably come up to us and point us in the right direction. I couldn’t have found the middle east to be friendlier, or safer. In Syria a 3 hour coach journey cost around £1.00, slightly more in Jordan. Taxis are also dirt cheap and we ended up getting a taxi throughout much of Jordan for a very cheap price, and ended up seeing much more than we would have done on a bus. In both countries we saw as much, or more than, we would have done on a tour, for a fraction of the price.

Can’t speak for any of the other countries you are planning on tho :)

4. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 9y

HEy Bex, thanks...;)

Syria and Jordan sound appealing. I think I Will just go and try to explore by myself... I Suppose it's a lot more fun too!! you get lost, you find your destination, you run in to

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6. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 9y

I understand LUVMorocco but is that not part of the excitement? I was in Spain last summer and I got lost whilst driving. It was a great memory!! LOL

Your not a tour guide btw are you??;)