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Visa services companies

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1. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 9y

Is it worth using these companies to obtain the visa for you or are you better off going town to the embassy yourself??


2. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 9y

I have had to get visas for Russia, China and the ETA for Australia (in Indonesia l was able to get it at the airport) and l have found that it is MUCH cheaper to do it yourself.

It might sound a bit confusing to begin with ensuring you have all the proper documentation together etc but after a few reads - asking your friends here on TP you should be on your way!

A friend got his ETA through a well know travel agent and they charged him £20 for the pleasure - l paid £8 - big difference!

Personally l would do it myself - the agencies charge you a small fortune just for the convenience.

Go for it do it yourself!

3. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 9y

Thanks for the advice Purdy. It is exactly what I Was thinking... Its like going on holiday and then deciding between taking a guided tour or doing it yourself (the price difference is the same too!!). There are usually a few WHAT IFS but most of the time it works out...;)