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could you help me design a route from Denver to Seattle

Travel Forums North America could you help me design a route from Denver to Seattle

1. Posted by sunxm79 (Budding Member 9 posts) 9y

Hi, I just got a good chance have 10 days vocatioin in US, since some reason my travel must start from Denver and end to Seattle by drive. so have anybody can give me more advise on what's beautiful place worth to visit or have some funny thing can do in this way?
Thanks a lot!

2. Posted by KristenS (Budding Member 56 posts) 9y

It is a beautiful drive. Take I -70 west from Denver. I once lived in Colorado and would suggest stopping by Apsen, Snowmass area. There is place there called Maroon Bells that may blow your socks off it so pretty.

Take I-70 into Utah. Take a detour south so you can go to Bryce Canyon before heading north on I-15. I-15 will take you by the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City.

Keep on I - 15 into Montana until I-90 and go west. I would take little detours like to Lakehead Lake in MT, Coeur D'Alence and Sandpoint, Idaho. Take I- 90 to Seattle.

Another option is driving to Yellowstone from I-15 at Idaho Falls. I would not drive north from Denver to Wyoming if you want a scenic drive! Yellowstone would be hard to do within 10 days.

One thing about taking smaller highways in the mountains is the cutting back and forth. I-15 & I-90 will will be quicker than the smaller highways with still a lot of scenery. Having said that you may have a better adventure getting on the smaller roads!

Hope that helps.

3. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 9y

Another small detour that might be worth your time is to get off I-70 in the eastern part of Utah and drop down to the city of Moab and visit Arches National Park. Both the drive down and back up to I-70 are beautiful--and it will only add about 1-3 hours to your trip--depending on whether you just visit Moab or also visit the national park.

Dead Horse Point is also near here. This is the place where you see Tom Cruise climb to the top at the beginning of the first "Mission Impossible" movie (well, actually when he reaches the top, that is). When he first starts the climb he is in Monument Valley--about 80 miles farther south--ah, the magic of being able to edit movie footage.

4. Posted by sunxm79 (Budding Member 9 posts) 9y

well. many thanks for you! sounds like more place in this routes, I already excitting and can no wait go there ^_^
I will check each place your mentions in google and work out a wonderful plan.

thanks very much!

5. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 9y

If you could visit Yellowstone and at least see the geysers and the buffalo roaming the park, I would do that--Old Faithful alone is worth the drive.

Also, we should mention the sites near Seattle--there's a falls on the east side called Snoqualmie Falls (which is higher than Niagara Falls), also the Space Needle is definitely worth a visit--the restaurant is good and the view spectacular. Also, both Kirkwood down by the water and the restaurants at the south end of Lake Union are wonderful.

Go eat at a place called Salty's at Alki Beach (West Seattle) at night--there's an unbelievable view from there.

If you have a chance go north to the San Juan Islands and/or Vancouver/Victoria. The trip across to Victoria on Vancouver Islands on the ferry is fantastic--and you can visit both Butchart Gardens and the Butterfly Place over there for fun.

Here's the view of Victoria's harbor: