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Securing a Holiday visa to the UK

Travel Forums Europe Securing a Holiday visa to the UK

1. Posted by sunicol (Full Member 93 posts) 9y

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Hi, my mate is trying to secure a holiday visa for his Peruvian girlfriend to visit the UK. He's sent them all his bank & employment details as well as a letter of sponsorship for her and the full flight details but they still seem to bedragging their heels on the visa. She's been called for an interview .. does anyone know what this is about and if there's anything else the should do to get the visa?

2. Posted by bob flinn (Full Member 173 posts) 9y

The interview is part of the routine process for obtaining a visa; the purpose is to establish the reason for the visa request, to know that the applicant can sustain themselves financially when here and have every intention of returning to their home country before the visa has fully expired.
The information that your friend has provided will support the request.
The Embassy officials will need to be certain that it is a holiday visit and not a means of getting into the country and staying permanently.
If they intend getting married when she is here he should ask our immigration authorities about the process he needs to go through to do that legally and without problems of her facing deportation.
That information and where and how to follow up will be on the government web site -
This is not intended to be a scare message more to give you the idea that all is going along the normal process of applying for a visa and explaining some possible thoughts you and he should consider.
Best wishes,
Bob Flinn

3. Posted by sunicol (Full Member 93 posts) 9y

Hi Bob, thanks for that. She's only visiting - no marriage intended and she will be returning to Peru as that's where she lives & works but thanks for the info anyway :)

4. Posted by bob flinn (Full Member 173 posts) 9y

Hope the interview works out ok, at least she can now understand why there is an interview and not be nervous about that.............the officials would maybe take nervous tension for something else.......give them both my best wishes.