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Exams are over!! woooohhooooo

Travel Forums Off Topic Exams are over!! woooohhooooo

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1. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 9y

So I'm back, think I've been gone so long most of you won't remember who I am...boohoo (mim who?!)

Exams went rubbish but at least they're over, can't believe I survived, anyway, look out Travellerspoint I'm gonna be back with a vengeance


2. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 9y

Congratulations Mimsy - how did they go? Is this you finished with the world of academia or are you gonna become the eternal student

Anyway lm sure you are having a huge blow out - so have a couple of socialable drinkies on me! Well done honey lm sure you aced them!

PS any exotic travel planned?

3. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 9y

Well done Mim, good to have you back.

4. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

Congrats Mim!!!!!!

I'm sure you did just fine with your exams - you always do!!!

Isa hands Mim a well-deserved martini and goes off to find the Penguin thread... ;)

5. Posted by Hien (Travel Guru 3906 posts) 9y

You were gone?!

Welcome back, mim!

6. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 9y

Penguin mim is back !! How was Antarctica !?!? By school you mean schools of yummy herring fish ?

7. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 9y

herring? sardines mate. thats where its at!

thanks guys, good to breathe a sigh of relief!

thanks for the martini I although I've had a few already

8. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 9y

Well done mim.

Distinctions all 'round huh?

9. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 9y

Congrats Missing Mim!!!!!

When the next round of exams comes around, remember the most important thing to achieving the results you need:

Let no one else's work
evade you eyes
Remember why the good lord
made your eyes
so don't shade your eyes, but
palgiarise, plagiarise, plagiarise....

but remember to always call it.......

Thank you Tom Lehrer, for a valuable life lesson.

10. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 9y

Finally. and Congrats!

So. Off on your travel yet?