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11. Posted by jsimmo (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

Thankyou for replying, (again).

I have taken what you have said into consideration and came up with a rough budget for my RTW (sorta), trip.

I can afford AUD$15,000 (not including airfare) for this trip. So to keep in line with my budget I have removed a couple of places from my original list (Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Mongolia).

Here is the new route with estimated days and budget.

London: 5 days
France: 5 days
Belgium: 5 days
Netherlands: 5 days
Czech: 5 days
Austria: 10 days
Switzerland: 10 days
Italy: 20 days
Greece: 25 days

  • Aim to budget 60 Euro per day

Total: (60EUR x 90days) = 5,400 Euro (AUD$8,600)

Sweden: 5 days

  • Aim to budget 75 Euro per day

Total: (75EUR x 75days) = 375 Euro (AUD$597)

St Petersburg: 10 days
Moscow: 10 days

  • Aim to budget 60 Euro per day

Total: (60EUR x 60days) = 1,200 Euro (AUD$1,911)

North: 15 days
Around Shanghai: 15 days
South: 20 days

  • Aim to budget 35 Euro per day

Total: (35EUR x 50days) = 1,750 Euro (AUD$2,788)

GRAND TOTAL: 8,725 Euro (AUD $13,900)

This would leave me with AUD$1,100 left which I think I could add to Europe or travel over to Japan for 10 days.

Airfares: *based on RTW Trip Planner on STA:
(Melbourne - London, Athens - Stockholm - St Petersburg, Hong Kong - Melbourne) = AUD$2,021 (I will be able to get them cheaper if I contacted STA direct, but I will notify my parents first as they are the ones paying for the fares).

Do you think I could spend 9/10 days in Japan with AUD$1,100 (not including the rail pass) or would it be best to spend it in Europe??? (OR , another country that is worth the visit??)

- J Simmo

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12. Posted by chemgal (Respected Member 149 posts) 9y

If you want some help planning the flights(airline routings, visas etc), let me know

13. Posted by jsimmo (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

Yup, Sent you a messaged regarding STA flights from HK to Tokyo. Thanks for your help.

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14. Posted by jsimmo (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

TO: aharrold45

Do you think I could spend 9/10 days in Japan with AUD$1,100 (not including the rail pass) or would it be best to spend it in Europe??? (OR , another country that is worth the visit??)

15. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

Quoting jsimmo

TO: aharrold45

Do you think I could spend 9/10 days in Japan with AUD$1,100 (not including the rail pass) or would it be best to spend it in Europe??? (OR , another country that is worth the visit??)

As long as that $1100AUD didn't include your rail pass you should be able to if you live it cheap. That would be approximately what I went through not taking in to account the expense of the rail pass. When I was over there, I wasn't drinking an alcohol, I was living off supermarket food and tap water pretty much to cut down on amy unnecessary expenses due to the expenses. It'd definitely be worth going to Japan because it is a great country and very beautiful if you explore it a little bit more than just Tokyo especially if you could time it to be there in late March when the Cherry Blossoms are on. If you are keen on photography you'll have a wonderful time there especially in Kyoto with the Golden temple and many other really nice temples.

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16. Posted by jsimmo (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

Okay, I think I will spend the $1,100 in Japan, however I doubt I will be there when the 'Cherry Blossoms' are out (that is, if they are around March). Japan is my last stop before home so. I expect to start the trip in March/April going for 7 months so being in Japan around October/November, I doubt I will be there when the cherry blossoms are out.
As I stated in my first post I could always go 'the other way' around start in Asia - Russia - Europe instead of Europe - Russia - Asia but I wanted to start in the expensive places and end in the cheapest...

What do you think?

17. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

You'll have a great time no matter which direction you went. You are probably going the right route with regards to the weather. At least by the time you'd arrive in London it is starting to get more like a warm winter in Tasmania rather than an Antarctica summer temperature like it'd be dropping to by the end of your trip.

By the sound of it you wont be able to get a RTW ticket, but will be getting some one way tickets. If you are able to save in some areas like you should be able to, well possibly at the end as well as going to Japan for those 9/10 days, you could go to Thailand see a little bit of that and then squeeze in Vietnam and Cambodia before heading back to Australia. Most of your daily budgets of your latest budget would definitely be on the upper end of the scales, so in most places as long as you don't go over the top with luxuries, you should have some spare on most days. This would allow for the stuff in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam if you did that. For example if you had a flight from Tokyo-Bangkok and then bought a cheap Air Asia flight from Bangkok-Hanoi/Vietnam that'd be good. From Hanoi, you could get cheap tours to places like Halong Bay (really nice) and Sapa. You can then get the open tour bus which only cost $20US and allowed quite a few overnight or multiple day stops on its way down to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City. One of the stops was Nha Trang and when there I did this island hopping tour that would have cost at least $100AUD if it was done in Australia, but cost approximate $10AUD at current exchange rate. After you make your way down as far as Saigon, you could get this very cheap Mekong Delta tour which went for 3 days and 2 night to Phnom Penh/Cambodia. In Phnom Penh the place I stayed cost $2US a night (currently works out at less than $3AUD a night! for accommodation). Then you could get buses to Siem Reap for something like $9AUD and buses to Sihanoukville for not much more. I stayed in this bungalow abouut 50m from the beach max and it cost approx $7AUD a night. Then after the time in Cambodia was up, you'd head back to Phnom Penh and get the cheap Air Asia flight back to Bangkok where your main flight back to Australia would leave from. As you can see in Vietnam and Cambodia it is possible to get by on next to nothing and still do stuff. In this region, it'd be possible to spend a whole month on less than $1000AUD whilst still seeing plenty of great stuff.

For those Air Asia flights, you'd need to plan your time in that region well. If you did decide to do something like this towards the end (which you should be able to afford if you aren't going over the top in Europe), you'd want to book those Air Asia flights when a sale is on a fair way in advance. If you did that it'd be cheaper than the really cheap flights on Virgin Blue or Jetstar when they come on sale.

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18. Posted by jsimmo (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y


I have already been to Thailand before, and done most of the country, if I was to go back I would only go to the islands (Koh Samui).. Vietnam and Cambodia doesn't interest me..
You can actually get flights (Bangkok Airways) from Hong Kong to Koh Samui but I don't think you can get them from Tokyo, so I would either have to go from HK - Tokyo - HK - Koh Samui, hm..

I actually prefer being in the 'upper-scale' in regards to my budget (hostels ect) , even though, I must admit it would be great to go back to Thailand for 2 weeks (Koh Samui) but I have no idea how I could get there from Japan without going to Hong Kong or Bangkok first (I really dislike Bangkok!!)... Not sure if it is too much effort for just 2 weeks.
There is this UNBELIEVABLE island just off Koh Tao called: Koh Nangyuan (not sure if you have heard of it), if I was to go to Thailand I would be going back to this particular island for the majority of the stay and there is only one 'resort' there which I think costs AU$30 - 80 per night, I would think that this is way too much for my budget for this particular country??

Would there be any other country you would recomend to make eligible for a 'RTW TICKET'??

19. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 9y

Well to get any RTW ticket valid you need to travel all 360 degrees of the world. Seeing you plan on going from Australia-Europe-Asia, you are travelling in the wrong direction to make a valid RTW ticket, because you'd need to be going Australia-Asia-Europe-North America-Australia or Australia-North America-Europe-Asia-Australia. You'll probably be best just leaving it as is without trying for a RTW ticket, because adding the necessary places in and re arranging the whole trip order wouldn't be worth all that extra hassel.

I don't think it is possible to get to where you want in Thailand from Tokyo without going via Bangkok or Hong Kong. This is one of the downsides of RTW tickets compared to purchasing tickets as you go, because generally a RTW ticket will have to go via a hub airport ie HKG or BKK to get to those smaller airports and then it is tricky to get back from those small airports whilst still obeying all the rules to make the ticket valid. Sometimes we all have to go and do stuff we dislike a lot to then get the return of something we like a great deal ie be in a job you hate to get the money to travel (for most people who travel) or your Thailand thing with going via HKG or BKK to get to the place you like (I haven't heard of it by the way, but I don't know a great deal about the islands in Thailand).

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20. Posted by jsimmo (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

Okay, Thankyou very much for posting and keeping up to date with thread. You have been an awesome help, I will be sure to get back to you on how it is all going.

- J Simmo