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Miami to Everglades

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1. Posted by tmmpl (Budding Member 28 posts) 9y

Hi there, i will be in Miami (south beach) from 13 july to 17 july, i want to do a day tour of the everglades (everglades area tours), is there a bus service that goes from miami to everglades, thanks for any responses.

2. Posted by S_Paradise (Full Member 65 posts) 9y

I went recently with a company called MiamiTours. I found them on the internet. The half day was about $50 bucks, but they can pick you up from South Beach. It is very difficult to go via public transportation. You would need a car. It is good if you are short of time, but the drawback is still that it is a tour. It is not the way I would have preferred to do it but was short of time. In hindsight, I would have rented a car myself and driven. Car rentals in Florida are ridiculously cheap, much cheaper than the tour. Plus you have freedom to do what you want.

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3. Posted by tmmpl (Budding Member 28 posts) 9y

i must look that up, i only want transport to the everglades as i will be going on a day tour with everglades area tour where they take you out on the river etc, i am just looking to know if you can get a bus to drop you off at everglades.

4. Posted by S_Paradise (Full Member 65 posts) 9y

Rent a car. I just did a quick check and found rentals as low as $18 bucks a day, greatly eliminating the hassle of doing it by public transportation. With the car you could pop down to 10,000 Islands just off Everglades City. I haven't been but have heard it as close to an unspoiled area as there is left in the Everglades.