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Managing Blog subscriptions...

Travel Forums System Talk Managing Blog subscriptions...

1. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 9y

Is there a way that members can see what blogs they have subscribed to, and unsubscribe from them, if they so wish.

(Obviously I know you can unsubscribe from a blog update email, but curious if there was a single page view).


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5915 posts) 9y

Not currently. One reason is that you don't have to be a member to subscribe to a blog - you just need to supply an email address. But yeah, it would be a nice addition for those that are members.

3. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 9y

Yeah, because I get double emails for a couple of the blog entries, that makes me think I might have signed up twice for notification for those ones.