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What island is this?

Travel Forums General Talk What island is this?

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1. Posted by Blaqk (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

Can anyone from these two pictures tell me what island is shown?


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2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3743 posts) 9y


3. Posted by Peter (Admin 5944 posts) 9y

Maldives? Mauritius? I suspect somewhere more Asian than Fiji, due to the lanterns.

4. Posted by chemgal (Full Member 149 posts) 9y

It looks like Bounty Island in Fiji to me!

5. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 9y

Gilligan's Island.

6. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 9y

Treasure Island

7. Posted by opospa (Travel Guru 1837 posts) 9y

Sipadan or Layang Layang Island

8. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 9y

I think it'll take a few more pics! (but I can state that it is definitely not the Isle of Skye)

Why do you ask?

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10. Posted by RFritz (Inactive 38 posts) 9y

It looks like an island in the Maldives to me.