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drive from sarajevo - skopje - tirane - kotor - dubrovnik

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1. Posted by BKK-Babe (Budding Member 27 posts) 9y

I'm trying to decide on visiting venice or skopje! Can anyone tell me how far of a drive it is from
1. sarajevo to skopje
2. skopje to tirane
3. tirane to kotor
4. kotor to dubrovnik

for those who have travelled to venice and skopje - which would you recommend?

2. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 9y

I happen to really like Skopje, but whilst there are definitely things to see there, if it is a choice of one or the other, I would say to probably pick Venice. It's more of a "must see".

Journey times are trickier, and whilst i've done all of the roads in question over the years, I haven't done any of those trips straight through (or direct), and not in a car for a few years so things will have changed.

I'd say very roughly:

1. sarajevo to skopje - 7 to 9hours
2. skopje to tirane - 4-5hours
3. tirane to kotor - Hmmm. 3-4 hours?
4. kotor to dubrovnik - maybe 90mins-2hrs

Depending on how you drive and also circumstances, all could be a fair chunk quicker, and in cases, slower. Distances aren't really that far, but the roads aren't always great, and are often very twisty (and scenic, meaning lots of stopping options).

And of course, border crossing times can vary wildly, especially if you are in a foreign (as in not local foreign) registered car where you are still sometimes seen as an easy target for fake red tape (bribery) etc.

Hope that kind of helps and sorry i can't offer more useful info

3. Posted by BKK-Babe (Budding Member 27 posts) 9y

This is perfect...exactly what I was hoping to achieve! Thanks for your assistance!

4. Posted by jaxstar (Full Member 74 posts) 9y

you can also check or and then check the english option, to find out distances to places. its very easy to use, shows you directions and how far it is/how long it should take.

5. Posted by snoezepoes (Budding Member 23 posts) 9y