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TP meetup in Melbourne - 8th Jan - St Kilda

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific TP meetup in Melbourne - 8th Jan - St Kilda


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31. Posted by kurwah (Full Member 60 posts) 12y

Hi gang,
I will also be around for this get together. Peter if there is anything you need help with message me and will do what I can.

32. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 12y

Well, this is starting to look like a decent crowd now! kurwah, I'll let you know if there's any preparation necessary. I think it will be a pretty free-flowing affair, as I'm terrible at organising things :) So far, so good though!


33. Posted by shopgirl (Full Member 136 posts) 12y

Hello everyone. Yes I'm back again. I've just got the next 10 days to get thru and then I'll be on that plane heading to Melbourne!! YAY!!!

where are we having this meetup Pete? Have you found us a fab venue where we can all embarrass ourselves in good company?? And is it still going to be on Sat 8th Jan?? Keep us posted. Flying out on 30th Dec to the sunshine......


34. Posted by Musze (Inactive 20 posts) 12y

^ Good idea - let's have the details again, because I want to make sure I know how to get to this pub. I don't want to end up wandering the streets of Melbourne! :P

35. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 12y

Ok, well, I haven't actually decided on a pub yet.. In fact, I was thinking more of an outdoor get-together, in the park by the public bbq! Of course, we can easily progress to the pub afterwards :)

36. Posted by shopgirl (Full Member 136 posts) 12y

Hello sweetpeas

Well it's weds, am here in London and tomorrow night at precisely 10.15pm I'll be on board that plane and heading to singapore and then Melbourne. Seems strange to think after all these monnths it's finally here.

Anyway - Peter once I'm in Melbourne I'll try to get access to the internet to catch up on where this meetup is going to be, so will be able to keep in touch. Unless of course you've sorted it out by tomorrow lunch time...Hmmmm the words 'chance' and 'fat' immediately spring to mind....

And in case I don't get to say it before I fly - here's wishing all of us a happy new year - may all our dreams, wishes and hopes be fulfilled.

See y'all soon

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38. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 12y

yeah, you're pretty right about the 'fatness' of the chance of that happening. :) I'm off rock-climbing tomorrow, so not much time to ponder the best place to booze up in St Kilda. Much more important things to think about, like trying to make it home alive hehe

Looking forward to this meetup though - less than a week away now people!

Cheers, Peter

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40. Posted by Musze (Inactive 20 posts) 12y

I'll be arriving in Melbourne noon tomorrow (Tuesday). I'm about to get my plane! Keep me posted - I'm looking forward to this!