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I got spare Malarone tablets

Travel Forums General Talk I got spare Malarone tablets

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1. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

Hi guys

I went to Kenya/Tanzania in March and i unfortunatly fell really ill with Malaria. As soon as i was diagnosed with it, i had to go on other medication and not continue with the malarone.

As a lot of you probably know, Malarone is supposedly one of the best anti malarials out there (im just very very unlucky -nothing new there) and is VEEEERRRRRY expensive.

So anyway as a result i have the remaining ten Malarone tablets left over that i dint need. I just had a sort out of my medications and all that and found them. I dont want to throw them away cus theres all you guys goig travelling and i thought if someone is paying loads for Malarone then i can save them 10 days worth (which is a lot of money!).

So yeah id be quite happy sending them to anyone that wants them. I could save them for myself when ill be travelling next year but iv decided against using anti malarials ever again (yes im stupid i know).


2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

Hey Nici - I know that your intentions are well-meant considering the price of Malarone. But, I've bee debating whether to delete this thread or leave it alone. I'm afraid I'm still not sure which way to go... With that said, my little voice of reason feels the need to comment first.

I understand your situation. Yes - Malarone is expensive, yes - you have 10 unused doses and no - you don't plan to use them in the future. The problem here is that Malarone is a prescription drug. Unlike doxycycline and chloroquine, which are both available as OTCs in many countries, Malarone is not. (I have not found information to the contrary, and though I may be wrong, I do not believe Malarone to be an OTC anywhere.) The biggest problem is not your offering of the medication to someone else but the issue of sharing a prescribed medication and the shipping legalities of that shared action. Offering Malarone to someone without being a physician can be dangerous. Physicians prescribe a drug to a patient because they have some type of medical history on that person. Granted, the travel clinics only have what you tell them when you visit, but that's more than you have. Also, only licensed medical personnel/pharmacists are allowed to dispense medications legally. What would happen if you sent the Malarone to someone who maybe shouldn't be taking it and they have an allergic reaction while traveling? That's just one of many possible scenarios. (Basically, you could find yourself in court on a number of issues.)

I do not know the shipping regulations for prescribed meds outside of the US, Canada & Mexico. I can tell you it is illegal to ship them without having a bona fide prescription and a paper trail for the whole of North America. If your package should be inspected for any reason, again - you could be butt deep in trouble as could the person on the receiving end (depending on their country).

I honestly don't mean to sound harsh nor tell you what to do. I do beleive you and anyone considering your offer should know there are consequences to this type of exchange that could be very detrimental and possibly harmful to the recipient's health. I guess I've decided to leave the thread in case anyone else has thoughts of sharing their unused anti-malarials. Yes, the recipient is responsible for their own actions, but their family members may not see it that way if the Malarone is not well-tolerated in any way.

At some point in time, most of us tend to ignore the "don't share prescribed medications with other people" warnings. But, there are good reasons for that warning. Unless you are that person's physician, you honestly have no idea if they can take that medication safely or not. I would not trust anyone contacting me through a forum website and telling me they had taken Malarone before without incidence. Maybe they have, but maybe they haven't... I have no way of proving it.

My apologies if I appear to have picked on you, Nici as that is not my intention. But, I do know people may consider your offer or may have thoughts of posting something similar. Better to comment to the possible ramifications than delete the thread and have another appear later. Thanks for understanding in advance. ;)

3. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

No its fine....delete the thread

4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4893 posts) 9y

I think it should be fine to pass on the tablets to someone else in the UK who has been prescribed that exact same medicine though, right? that'd be, as you wrote, "sav[ing] them 10 days worth". (Or is there variation in dosage as well which could cause problems?)

5. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

no, no variation in doses, just come all the same

6. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

Quoting Sander

I think it should be fine to pass on the tablets to someone else in the UK who has been prescribed that exact same medicine though, right? that'd be, as you wrote, "sav[ing] them 10 days worth". (Or is there variation in dosage as well which could cause problems?)

It will all depend on the laws of the UK - maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't because they are prescribed. I know I'm making it sound like a big issue, but I have had someone send me prescribed meds here - of their own initiaative, not because we came to an agreement - and they were inspected. It turned out to be a very large fine for the sender and a bit of harrassment about the issue at my end. It was a US to US mailing.

Nici - I don't think I will delete this thread as it does bring up some intersting issues for travelers to consider and I happen to like the topic (secondarily). Again, I do not know laws outside the North American sector of the world, but it may be something to follow up on.

Sander - I agree is should, but how do you truly prove the receiver's prescription is genuine without following up with their physician? Not trying to start an arguement, just posing a question.

7. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

To be comletely honest with you i would send them in the post without hesitation. If there is a law like that in the UK then i dont think it is as strict as the US law. I send prescription pills through the post every 3 months (the contraceptive pill to my good friend in london). When u go 2 send something as what we call ''recorded delivery'' over here, the post office always ask whats in the package/letter...but they never look!
The way i see it is that i would be sending them completely at my own risk and the person would be consuming the Malarones completely at their own risk.

But Isadora......I completely understand everything u are saying

[ Edit: Edited on Jul 19, 2007, at 4:00 PM by Nicip ]

8. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

just thought...

i dont call myself ''mad,bad and dangerous to know'' in my profile for no reason!

haha im only joking

9. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

Hello Nicip:)

Just give them to somebody who knows u, in England.
To be honest, I would not accept any medication, from anybody I do not know.
But, I am tempted to ask u to send them to me, so I can save some money. But safety first is always the best policy, so I wont. ;)


10. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

Hey Mel

I dont know anybody that needs them...
but i will keep them because im sure someone will come up in the future that i know who ill want them