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What did you try and get away with?!!

Travel Forums General Talk What did you try and get away with?!!

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11. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 9y

I have brought home quite a large amount of alcohol from various countries Lots of bottles of Belgian beer, Australian wine, Japanese sake, etc. Definitely more than the allowed limits, I'm sure.

12. Posted by marlis (Travel Guru 1167 posts) 9y

so,so,so,let me tell all of you how lucky you where.
if custom finds this bottles or cigarets you have to pay tax and a fine and the complete amount is confiscated !!!!!!
depend how high the taxes for your country are quiet expensiv.

should I tell what I have done and still do sometimes?
hmmm,better not...;)
so be careful

13. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 9y

Tried to take my mud-encrusted hiking boots into Oz. They get slightly cross, but wash them for free!

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