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Laos and Cambodia or Borneo???

Travel Forums Asia Laos and Cambodia or Borneo???

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1. Posted by mikeandave (Full Member 84 posts) 9y

For those who have been to south east asia...Do you think its a good idea to have short term stays in Laos and Cambodia and to spend longer in Borneo? Particularly Sabah and Sarawak. Were going to be in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore too.

Also, how long would you spend in each country?

Thanks again!

2. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru 1113 posts) 9y

If you want more stamps in your south east asia adventure, spend more time in Borneo.

From Kota Kinabalu, capital of Sabbah, go to Labuan Island and take the ferry to Brunei Darusalam. Then take a bus ride to the Indonesian part of Borneo.

From Sandakan, you may go to the Latin City of Asia, Zamboanga and then take a ferry to Boracay, Philippines.

Borneo, the third largest island in the world is fantastic.

3. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 9y

I can't speak to Laos and Cambodia, as I skipped them (intending to get back at a later date) in favour of more time on Borneo. I really, really liked Borneo - and if you can get out into the jungle I'd highly recommend it.

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any specific questions.

4. Posted by sunicol (Full Member 93 posts) 9y

I really loved Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap and the people were fantastic. I missed out on Laos but from what everyone else I met told me, it was wonderful, particularly the Gibbon Experience up North where you trek into it for a day and stay in Tree Houses and zip line from one to the other and other than that, the lazy days, the slow boats, the boozy bowling alleys and floating down the river on a rubber ring, beer in hand are all meant to be fab - Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng great but I heard keep Vientiane to a minimum. Re Borneo, I didn't get to Brunei or Sarawak but climbing Mt Kinabalu will be hard to forget (just make sure you book the accommodation on the mountain in advance as there was none when I was there and I had to do it all in one day - DON"T). The diving in Sippidan is amazing with shed loads of turtles & sharks and if you like Orangutans then you'll be in heaven.

5. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru 1113 posts) 9y

Quoting sunicol

The diving in Sippidan is amazing with shed loads of turtles & sharks and if you like Orangutans then you'll be in heaven.

you probably mean Sipadan island or atoll.

The Orangutans is in Sepiloc, SANDAKAN. The lodging houses are set in a nice tropical jungle space.

Then if you like history, particularly war history... check out the Sandakan War memorial.

6. Posted by SpaceCadet (Full Member 70 posts) 9y

i've been to the places that you are planning to go except for HK (which i'll be going to end of the month, yippee!) so, i think i can advice you on that.

we did vietnam in 2 weeks, from south (HCMC) to north (Hanoi) without missing out on those interesting little towns in between. thailand will probably take you about 2 weeks too. singapore, probably 3 days is sufficient, but then again, i'm hate the cities, i try to get away from them when i travel.

laos is quite large in scale, to take in most of the interesting towns will probably takes you another 2 weeks too. cambodia is large too, but for me, angkor wat was the only WOW! i had in the country. the rest of the places was so so.

i'll personally shrink my days spent in cambodia and laos, to give me more time in borneo. sabah, sarawak and kalimantan (part of Indonesia) is really really interesting. you can skip west malaysia, it's not that interesting =p.

hope that helps.

7. Posted by samakomlao (Budding Member 16 posts) 9y

Do not miss Laos, my beloved country.
You will touch the real taste of Asia.
Laos has been voted as the cheapese tourist destination in the world 2007.
Come to visit Laos and you will know it is the gems of asia.


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8. Posted by funkymover (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

aah , ive done lao and vietnam, to me lao is the better of the two for one reason, its still not too touristy,
vietnam was great , but so touristy, and that was 8 years ago , hate to think what its like now .
Havnt done burma yet, but will do next summer. uk summer

9. Posted by dan_so (Budding Member 56 posts) 9y

Ive just came into cambodia after been in lao for 3 weeks (3 weeks is a good amount of time to see it all) it was 3 of the best weeks of my life, the country is just amazing. Two higlights where tubing in vang vieng which was brilliant and kayaking to vientiane was great (all tho i nearly drowned). also 4000 island where brilliant, even though there where only about 2000 when i was there because of the rain. The mountains and the scenery threw out the country are just stunning, and as another recent post said it's really really cheap, you just cant beat it! do the right thing, go to laos...


10. Posted by dan_so (Budding Member 56 posts) 9y

i went to place called "banlung" yesterday, it a great place in cambodia in the north east. The reason is, it has a place where they say a meteorite hit thousands of years ago that has made a massive perfect circal with warm clear green water, it is a breathtaking sight and graet to swim in. It's called boeng yeak lon, and is in the lonley planet i think. That is definatly a WOW! not a so so as SpaceCadet says.