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3 weeks off in feb 08.. what to do.. Northern lights..

Travel Forums Europe 3 weeks off in feb 08.. what to do.. Northern lights..

1. Posted by matt340 (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

This thread is marked as being about Norway

sorry about the long post, bear with me (newbie traveller here..)

Right then: I've got three weeks off in Feb next year. It's one of my life ambitions to see the aurora borealis (northern lights). And I'm hoping this would be a good time to go. Trouble is, where?!

I've got the "Greenland & The Arctic" lonely planet book, and this says Feburary is a good time to view the lights. For ease of travel (I'm coming from the UK) I was thinking Scandinavian Europe, as opposed to Greenland/Iceland, although I'm not decided yet.

First off, would this be a good time to go? Or would it be unbearably cold? Can anyon recommend where?

If I went to Norway, i would like to also get accross to Svalbard and the Lofoten Islands, as these sound beautiful.

Now Tasilaq in Greenland sounds great too, what with its kayaking available and such. And I thought Greenland offers the opportunity to get away from civilisation to see the lights better.

Basically, the biggest question is whether Feb is a good time to go, and can anyone recommend where? Would like to do it as cheap as possible.


2. Posted by Fekjaer (Inactive 12 posts) 9y

The best place you can go to if you want to see the northern lights is Tromsø city in Nordnorge.
Lofoten is "super-beautiful" i recommend it ;) hehehe if you have any more questions about Norway just pm me ;)

3. Posted by vilmalotta (Respected Member 95 posts) 9y

Hi, as Fekjaer suggested, you could go to Norway... or to Sweden or Finland to see the northern lights. In Lapland, you'll have a good chance to see them!

4. Posted by matt340 (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

Thanks for the advice - I think I'm going to go to Tromso in Norway.


5. Posted by divegirl (Budding Member 8 posts) 9y

I think the best place for Northern lights is not in cities like Tromso, but more out in the wilderness where there is little light pollution.

If you can, go to Greenland. It's not cheap but totally amazing. We had specatular displays of the northern lights in February. Actually good enough to show up on photos even though we didnt have professional camera equipment!

ETA, yes Greenland can be very cold sometimes at this time of year. Most of the time in Kangerlussas and Illulisat it was ok with right clothing. On the glacier however, it hit -50 and colder, the camcorder broke and we got frostnip! We had only been outside the vehincle for 2 minutes

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6. Posted by e7843 (Budding Member 36 posts) 8y

I have always been mesmerise by Norhtern light, and plan to get someday (2009). I'm gathering info now.
Thanks Matt340 for rising the question and Fekjaer, Vilmalotta & Divegirl for the useful info.

May I know when is the best time to go, and how cold it will get to? How do I get there?

As I am from tropical country, I am not that used to cold weather.

7. Posted by spongehead (Full Member 119 posts) 8y

You guys are happily responding to a thread posted in July last year (2007) asking about the viewing of Northern Lights in February this year (2008). It's already May....

8. Posted by e7843 (Budding Member 36 posts) 8y

WOW! -50? Hmm.. need to find the clothng from now !!

How many days are recommened for staying to watch Aurora?
What about the expenses? How much Euros or respected country currency needed?