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1. Posted by tframe (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

tframe has indicated that this thread is about Australia

Hi, first of many posts I hope -

we are flying to Australia from the UK, first time - heading for Brisbane and Sydney - we are planing to stay for 1 month and wondered if a stop over in Perth is worth it - we have to stop but can just transfer quickly.

we plan to arrive in Sydney, spend some time there and then drive up the coast, we where thinking of hiring a camper van for the drive - a good idea???

any advice from other parents would be great


2. Posted by jasonh2015 (Full Member 156 posts) 9y

Hi, im not a parent just yet, but i have read on alot of sites, if you have children with you, you need to be able to prove they belong to you, even more so if your travelling through Asia. Not sure if this helps at all!

As for perth, havent been yet, but if you have ever been to the states, its like that with all the long distance, not sure a camper van will be good idea, as it can take days to get from one place to another, best bet would be to fly!

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3. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

Hi Tom

When i travelled Australia, i travelled the whole country apart from Perth and the West coast. The reason i couldnt do Perth and the west coast is because i didnt really have the time to as i wanted to fit in a couple of months in SE Asia before getting home.

I am so glad i made the decision, because the last thing i would of wanted was to of visited Perth and the West coast and not being abe to make the most of it due to lack of time. I would of missed out on things, been rushed etc. I was gutted at the time cus i thought it was such a shame as i had travelled everywhere else in OZ. But now i am glad because i am looking forward to travelleing the west coast next year .

The reason i tell u this story is because you say you have one month and by the sounds of it you have the East coast planned (when u mention Sydney and Brisbane). I would advise you to skip Perth and make the most of your time there. You will be grateful of the time you have once you're there!

And as for hiring a campervan - yes yes yes, its the best way to see OZ definately (did it mysef).
Theres campsites for you to pull up in everywhere an their facilities are fantastic.

Be sure to take the kids to the theme parks on the Gold Coast, you can get a special pass to visit all of them, its a good deal..........Seaworld is amazing!


4. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 9y

Quoting jasonh2015

not sure a camper van will be good idea, as it can take days to get from one place to another, best bet would be to fly!

Driving from Sydney - Brisbane you dont need to drive far inbetween to reach nice places to stop at.

Just off the top of my head you have Newcastle,Nelsons Bay,Port Mquarie (lovely place),Coffs harbour and Surfers paradise all inbetween Sydney - Brisbane.

And you can keep the kids occupied by getting them 2 keep lookout for Koala bears in the trees and kangaroos on the way!

Thats al i was doing (and i was supposed to have my eyes on the road)

5. Posted by maba (Inactive 227 posts) 9y

G'day Tom,
I would suggest just concentrate on the East Coast this visit.
It's a great idea to take a camper from Sydney to Brisbane & beyond. Take in some of the inland areas, maybe drive up the coast to Brisbane although I would suggest you stay on the Gold Coast - not Brisbane. From there I suggest a round trip to Hervey Bay (& take a trip over to Fraser Island). Then come back to Brisbane to drop the camper off. Make sure that you do include the Sunshine Coast on your way north.

The camper will give you a known level of comfort and the caravan parks are of a high standard. Try to get off the main route occasionally so you can experience some of the Aussie country towns.

Enjoy your visit to Oz;)
Cheers Mario

6. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 613 posts) 9y

Never heard that one before Jason - don't know how you prove kids belong to you, short of a roadside DNA testing kit Passports should always be kept with you I suppose.

As said elsewhere though, stick to the east coast. No harm stopping in Perth if you're flying out that way, but don't let it take time off your trip otherwise - 1 month is a seriously minimal amount of time to see much in Australia, unless you can afford to fly everywhere.

We travelled with our 2 kids for ten months (look up Steve, Lea, Brett & Beaulea at and spent 9 weeks in Oz and it was nowhere near enough. The rental agent who told us it would take 2 weeks just to drive up and down from Sydney to Cairns wasn't far out!

The Gold Coast is great for kids and theme parks. Surfers Paradise was nicer than expected - but avoid Schoolies Week, when the beaches fill with 50,000 drunken teenagers! Oh and the Indy Car race too. Oh, and the Grand Final rugby match in Sydney.
In fact, learn as much about big events (particularly sporting ones) and plan around them. We had no choice but to leave Sydney as all hotels were booked up for the rugby (and Melbourne had the Ashes and...etc.!)
Now here's a really morbid piece of advice to end on, but extremely practical nonetheless. Make sure your children have their own passports. As a step-dad, I wouldn't have been allowed to take the children with me if anything had happened to their mum, if they'd only been on her passport.

7. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 613 posts) 9y

Quoting tframe

we where thinking of hiring a camper van for the drive - a good idea???

An absolute must Tom. We used a rental car and motels in our 9 weeks, but the first day in every stop was spent looking for a place to stay. This became a right royal pain eventually (despite finding some fantastic places) but most importantly, it will take up half your holiday (the other half will be driving).
Get a camper and you can stop when and where you like (roughly) and within minutes the kettle is on or the 'Esky' open (ask an Aussie) and you're settled. If your kids are still young enough to enjoy playgrounds and running around, then campsites are great. If they are the type to pull the legs off spiders, tie their hands behind their backs. The spiders out there will pull their legs off

We used a camper in NZ and then an RV in LA, SF and LV, USA () and loved it.

8. Posted by tframe (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

great stuff here guys, thanks - I am off to try find a camper hire place - any recommendations?