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Yellow Fever/Guyana

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1. Posted by jamesd1967 (Budding Member 15 posts) 9y

We are planning a trip to Georgetown, Guyana for the month of December for about ten days. Is the Yellow Fever Vaccination required to visit Guyana? I don't think so, but am not totally sure. The person that I am traveling with is unable to receive the vaccination due to an allergy to eggs. :)

2. Posted by Eleniki (Full Member 125 posts) 9y

It's recommended, but whether it's required or not depends on where you'll be travelling from - if from an area where it is present, then required. Are you kidding about the eggs? Btw, just google 'Guyana,vaccinations' to get the information..

3. Posted by jamesd1967 (Budding Member 15 posts) 9y

No, I am serious about the eggs allergy. If a person is allergic to eggs, an infant, elderly, immune suppressant, being treated with radiation or chemotherapy; the yellow fever vaccination is not recommended. :)

4. Posted by Eleniki (Full Member 125 posts) 9y

Well, that's useful to know, but a bit late for me - I'd be up the creek if I were allergic to eggs. Had my yellow fever shot some days ago and was not asked about eggs or chemo or anything. I did fill in a general med form before I got any of my shots, but I just put allergic to peniciiin on it, and I don't think I would have made any link with a food allergy. Even if I were allergic to eggs, I don't think I'd have put that down. It was surely their responsibility to ask me before needling me. Thanks for the info. It seems that the vaccine is not an out-and-out requirement like in S.America where you are asked for your yellow fever cert on entry to the country. This is to help prevent the spread of the disease. So, your friend should be ok without a cert. I suppose there's an element of risk then - and no alternative, unless the effect of the vaccine would be tolerable? Compared to getting the disease, I mean...

5. Posted by Eleniki (Full Member 125 posts) 9y

This is one of the more informative sites on this matter, James:

Maybe not what you want to hear, as they say the vaccination is highly recommended.


6. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

Here is the CDC's info page for yellow fever, incuding maps of endemic areas and comments on vaccinations for those with egg sensitivies.

Live yellow fever vaccine is produced in chick embryos and should not be given to persons hypersensitive to eggs. Generally, persons who are able to eat eggs or egg products may receive the vaccine. However, some egg-sensitive persons are not allergic to cooked eggs and may not know they are susceptible to allergic reactions following raw eggs or egg-containing vaccines. If vaccination of a person with a questionable history of egg or chicken hypersensitivity is considered essential because of high risk for acquiring yellow fever, an intradermal test dose of vaccine may be administered under close medical supervision. Specific directions for vaccine skin testing are found in the vaccine package insert. In some instances, small test doses of vaccine administered intradermally have led to an antibody response. Gelatin is used as a stabilizer in several vaccines, including yellow fever vaccine, and might be the stimulus for some allergic reactions to yellow fever vaccine. If international travel regulations are the only reason to vaccinate a traveler hypersensitive to eggs or gelatin, efforts should be made to obtain a waiver.

7. Posted by jamesd1967 (Budding Member 15 posts) 9y

From what I can tell with these posts and by researching some of the links. By the way, I thank you so much for posting the links. The Yellow Fever Vaccine is only required if you are coming from an infected area. Which the United States certainly is not. However, shortly I am going to make a phone call to the Embassy of Guyana in Washington, DC, they will, hopefully, give me the most certain answer.

8. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y

James, you can also contact the CDC directly to get additional inforamtion. Their number is 1-877-394-8747.

Most personal physicians do not administer the yellow fever vaccinations. There are yellow fever immunization centers set up across the US. Here is the list for New York State. Hopefully, there is a center near you. They will also be able to issue a vaccination waiver to your travel companion.

New York Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics