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£210 for jags

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11. Posted by CanadaGuy (Respected Member 199 posts) 9y

I agree with a lot of the comments above-- Unless you plan on doing some volunteer veterinary work, I would consider the rabies vaccine optional.
I wouldn't routinely recommend that or the JE (Japanese encephalitis) vaccines for most travelers....

12. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 9y

The thing with travel vaccination clinics is that they will always "strongly recommend" vaccinations that you may not really need because it's more $$$$ for them. Do a bit of research on the net and have a chat to your GP and then weigh up your chances of needing it.

I'm vaccinated up to the eyeballs at this stage. I've had Jap Enceph, the lot (except rabies).
I still ended up getting typhoid when i went travelling and I was very very ill for a number of weeks. So, they aren't 100% effective.

I wouldn't worry too much about the rabies one unless you think you may in areas that are very far from a hospital. Basically, if you get bitten you need to be within 24 hrs of a hospital.

I met a doctor in Peru who had been bitten badly on the leg by a dog. He hadn't had his rabies vaccine and so when this happened, he had to get five shots into the abdomen! OWWWWWWWW!!!
Moral of the story: Dont pet the pooches!

But the cost of those ones you listed there is about right. I know it feels like a lot of money but it's better to be vaccinated I think. It's easy to pick up diseases when you travel. And it's NO FUN being sick on the road. Think of it as an investment! ;)

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