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Maylatsian buses - a horror story??!!

Travel Forums Asia Maylatsian buses - a horror story??!!

1. Posted by redknight5 (Full Member 80 posts) 9y

Hi, We're planning on using malaysian buses to get from Melaka to Lumut in order to get the ferry to Pangkor. Then a bus from Lumut to KL. Are these buses safe?? I've heard horror stories about them being damgerous and dirty, with cockroaches falling on people's heads!!!

Is this true?

Please help!!



2. Posted by opospa (Travel Guru 1837 posts) 9y

Not true!!!
Normally buses are clean. I suggest you take Konsortium Bas Ekspress or Transnasional. These 2 are the major in Malaysia. Well, i am not sure if Mutiara Ekspress do have service for the route.

Well, about safety, cant guarantee because lots of bus accidents last month!! Seriously. And the government took it seriously on the bus companies and their drivers. One accident which killed 20 passengers including the driver when the bus was on its way from Melaka to Alor Star.
Well, wish you Good Luck

3. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 9y

hi Chris

it might have been my story about the cockroaches that you read! it was on the bus from Kl to the Cameron highlands and it was a bit of a rickety old bus but I never felt in danger. We used the buses quite a lot in Malaysia and most of the time I didn't have any complaints. They always left and arrived on time. if you are travelling from KL to the north east or vice versa I would recommend getting the jungle train - a great experience (I think it actually starts and finishes from Gemas a short way from KL).

4. Posted by redknight5 (Full Member 80 posts) 9y

haha thanks!! yes it might have been yours that i read!! Was a bit of a shock! Just checking as i don't fancy being in a large crash!!


5. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 9y

Some of the buses I took in Malaysa were some of the cleanest and most comfortable I've taken anywhere in the world. A few were bonerattlers, but not much worse than our own dear old Megabus.

6. Posted by bigfoot (Budding Member 7 posts) 9y

The busses aren't that bad. The worst that ever happened to me was sometimes having to wait hours after the scheduled departure time for the bus to fill up before they would leave. I have never had problems with Konsortium (sp?). Stick with them if possible.

7. Posted by redknight5 (Full Member 80 posts) 9y

Fantastic thanks for your help!!! Bring it on!!

8. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 9y

to further cut down on risks, try to travel during the day as most crashes occur at night when the driver nods off. That said, after a major cleaning up operation by the traffic police, id dare say Malaysian buses have never been safer.....