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Why is the USA so unfriendly?

Travel Forums General Talk Why is the USA so unfriendly?


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21. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 9y

Anytime you make a generalization about the US you are going to be right and wrong. The country is so vast and different from region to region that it defies generalizations. Hawaii is so different from Alaska that any comparison is futile. Retirees living in Florida are not easily compared to those who call Montana home. Texans will certainly differentiate themselves from those that reside in any other state. People who call Maine home will not be easily compared to those who reside in Nevada. Utah residents will not have much in common with those who call Mississippi home. Make a generalization about America and you will be generally be wrong.

Another problem is defining what is an American? We have more citizens of Irish descent than Ireland's total population. Chicago alone has more citizens of Polish descent than any city in Poland except Warsaw. We have more Jewish citizens than Israel. We have almost as many citizens of Mexican descent than Mexico. The US has significant numbers from every country on the planet. Not many countries can make that claim.

22. Posted by soupatrvlr (Respected Member 385 posts) 9y

Not to mention that being the 3rd most populated country on earth, we're bound to have the best and the worst. most travelers have experienced the good and the bad of any country or any nationality. If I choose to look for the worst in a destination, I will find it. But if, instead, I choose to look for the positive things, I find that the hospitality, no matter the destination, is unparalleled. I try not to travel w/ any prejudices no matter the destination and enjoy the experiences that come my way and shrug off the a**holes that are miserable.

Part of travel is learning to be uncomfortable and then laughing at how we handle it. Rude people are all over the globe, in every nook and cranny. We in the states, don't have a monopoly on it. So it doesn't matter how many countries that we've visited, as travelers, we know that its mostly about the individuals that touch our lives on the journey. We remember the wonderful people that inspired us, and forget about the abrupt, nasty ones the piss us off...or at least we learn to laugh about them later!

23. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 9y

Good points Holly. TP members have asked me what was my favorite place in VietNam. I met my current GF in DaLat and had a great time, so of course I am partial towards DaLat. Now if I had been robbed or mugged while in DaLat, I would tell everybody what a terrible place it is and don't go. We get that here in Vegas. Come to town and win a pile of money, you love Vegas. If you are cheated by the taxi driver, cannot take the 100+ heat of our summer days and lose your shirt on the tables, you tell everyone you meet what a terrible city Vegas is. Everyone's experience is different and our impressions of a place will be different based on how you were treated while there. As you said, once home from a trip we tend to remeber the positive things that happened and either forget or laugh off when things did not go so well. My first bus trip between Phnom Penh and HCMC was a diaster. Terrible road and bad bus. It took almost 18 hours to make an 8 hour journey. But that trip is now one of my favorite travel stories. Did not think so at the time, but looking back years later it is a funny adventure. Part of the reason we all travel.

24. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 9y

I think it's also a case of not finding your own country friendly - i 'm english but don't find england a particularly friendly place. I found Japan was one of the friendliest places i have ever been, but I have met Japanese people who are suprised at that because they think Japan is very unfriendly.

25. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 9y

Quite an interesting discussion. Many of you are right, an entire nation can not be catagorized. Everyone has a choice as to how they want to treat others, and everyones experience can effect the way they veiw that place.
That being said I stand by my conviction. I have lived in the USA for the majority of my life and have visited every single state (except Hawia) many times. I would say that Americans care more for themselves than for others. The focus of this culture is comfort. Of all the newest technology the biggest improvements have been in entertainment and luxury cars and neat little electronic devises ect..
Whenever I travel in latin america I am overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people everywhere!!
When I had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere at least ten people stopped to help. two of them gave us rides in there car to the nearest town and drove us all over until we found the right size! they wanted no tip!
I have spent a great deal of time in these countries and have many problems. It seems that any stranger will go to great lengths to help remedy the issue. If Nesesity (why can't I spell that word? LOL) is the mother of all invention then Mexicans would be the father! LOL!
The same goes for most of the latins here in the US.!
When I ran out of gas in the in a major city here in the US I tried to wave down any one to help no one ever stopped!! Same for the time my trany dopped out! I was left to my own devises! The truly friendly American I have met I can count on one (maybe 1.5) hands. Many people will act friendly as long as it does not effect them in any way. PHONIES!! My first post was not talking about 'acting nice' but really caring for others!

To each his own!


26. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 9y

Quoting bex76

I think it's also a case of not finding your own country friendly - i 'm english but don't find england a particularly friendly place. I found Japan was one of the friendliest places i have ever been, but I have met Japanese people who are suprised at that because they think Japan is very unfriendly.

When I was in Japan, I saw a Swedish couple walking through a Tokyo park with their children. They had a boy and a girl, both under 5 yrs old. Japanese women were literally running up to them to touch their blond hair. They wanted to touch them, pick them up, gush over them. They just don't see many blond kids walking in Tokyo and they were not going to miss this opportunity. This Swedish couple must have thought Japan was the friendliest country they will ever visit! I must report that the Japanese women ignored me entirely, so I do not consider Japan all that friendly.

27. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 9y

Quoting vegasmike6

I must report that the Japanese women ignored me entirely, so I do not consider Japan all that friendly.

ha ha, unlucky Mike!

28. Posted by guiny (Respected Member 143 posts) 9y

I visted USA twice and I completely disagree. I think you have had a bit of bad luck. All the people I met were very nice to me and many of them became my friends. Actually, I went to a homestay programme eleven years ago and I am still in touch with the family who hosted me. I really hope to visit them again some day soon. Visiting the USA was my first experience abroad and one of the best holidays I have ever had :).

29. Posted by soupatrvlr (Respected Member 385 posts) 9y

you know, i've had car troubles all over the world and always managed to figure it out, often with much cursing! two flat tires on major highways in major cities and i still managed (after repeated attempts) to flag someone down to help me...i couldn't get the lugnuts off. :( (maybe it helped that i was a damsel in distress!) in tanzania, our safari jeep suffered two flats and we needed push starts to get going on top of that...with very flat roads...have you seen the roads out of the serengetti? The only person who came along who could have helped us was a masaai warrior who wouldn't push unless we paid him. we all laughed our asses off about that one and didn't hold it against our lanky warrior. troubles around the world. it can make or break a man...or woman!

30. Posted by hawaiicris (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

I don't think it's all americans. I see a big difference in the areas I do go to though. I am from Hawaii and Hawaii people are so friendly. The life we lead is so laid back and relaxed. I recently moved and I live in the new england area now...yes HUGE change!

Funny thing is I live in a small town in new hampshire, where the people are friendly and they seem to live at a relaxed slower pace here as well..but as I get closer to the border of massachuesetts I do see a big change in the attitude of the people. I think many times living in big cities and crowds and always having to live the fast paced life may attribute to the attitude of the people in the area..but that is just my observation. :)