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1. Posted by fi-fi (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 13 Sep '07 17:42

Hi guys

Just wondered if anyone could offer me any advice??!!!

I’m currently in Australia nearing the end of my fantastic trip!!

I have found a course that I want to come back and do in February at Tafe. I’m trying to navigate the websites but I just need to know do the fees for international students have to be paid in one lump sum before I start the course????

Also regarding the working part of the student visa would I be right in thinking you can not apply for the rights to work until you start your course???

Is there any other international students here that could recommend doing this??

Thanks!! 

2. Posted by clemondo (Full Member, 17 posts) 18 Sep '07 08:08

I'm not sure about it, but I've heard from friends that you do have to pay the full amount at the start of each semester. Regarding the work visa as a student, you can work a maximum of 28 hours a week during the study semester but up to ?40 hours a week when there is a study break. Don't quote me on this.