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Luang Prabang, Laos - Advice Needed!

Travel Forums Asia Luang Prabang, Laos - Advice Needed!

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1. Posted by Emma123 (Budding Member 12 posts) 9y

Emma123 has indicated that this thread is about Laos

I'm going to Luang Prabang in Laos from 17th - 20th October and would love to hear from anyone who's been there. We have flights and hotel sorted, but am interested in hearing about off-the-beaten-track type things to do (I've heard rumours of an amazing waterfall). Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

2. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 9y

Hi Emma,

there's indeed Kuangsi waterfall, a really pretty waterfall half-an-hour away from the city center. The easiest way to get there is hiring a tuk-tuk with some more people and the driver will drop you off and wait for you while you're at the falls. It is possible to swim, so don't forget to bring your bathers.
Another nice thing to do in Luang Prabang is renting a bike and just cycling around for a day. It's not big, so you get to see the whole place. There's a market you could check out and also a really cool restaurant with local food right by the Mekong. Hope this helps!


3. Posted by flynn (Inactive 140 posts) 9y

Hi Emma,

try the Red Cross steam bath and have a massage there! Can't remember the address, but it's one of the old wodden houses in the inner city limits and mostly visited by the locals, so just ask around.


4. Posted by Emma123 (Budding Member 12 posts) 9y

@ Steff & Flynn - thanks so much for the advice. Looking forward to checking your recommendations out next weekend! Emma

5. Posted by prendy98 (Full Member 78 posts) 9y

Hi Emma - I was in Laos for 14days about 2months ago and loved the people and the country - the waterfalls Kouang Si are 35km out of the town so as mentioned get a tuk tuk or get a private hire bus as we did cause if you get other people its cheaper and safer.

The Hive Bar is the main drinking spot in town but closes around midnight like alot of places in Laos it has curfews...but we found a bowling alley (yes a bowling alley) that stays open till 2am an serves beer yipee

The town itself is really easy going, very laid back an be patient when waiting on ur food cause they take ages to cook it but u get used to it - i think they have a sleep mid cooking :)

6. Posted by clarife (Respected Member 294 posts) 9y

very laid back an be patient when waiting on ur food cause they take ages to cook it but u get used to it - i think they have a sleep mid cooking

We were in pak beng last night and realised that when we had ordered food, the owner/chef had sent a young boy to the market to fetch the ingredients!!! Talk about fresh!

We are in luang prebang now and have come home early to explore the town tomorrow, dont want to be the only foreigners walking the streets too late! Prendy,was the bowling alley busy, many people there? We were gonna go but decided to leave it till tomorrow



7. Posted by loubylou (Travel Guru 664 posts) 9y

Luang Prabang is very laid back, it was our favourite place in Laos. There was a great coffee shop if you keep walking along the road the market's on at night, you will come to a coffee shop on the right. The best coffee we had had in ages AND they sold fanastic cakes like banana and chocolate...mmmmm!

8. Posted by miguel_es (Full Member 114 posts) 9y

I recomend an aventure trekking in the countryside (hmong villages). Check in "white elephant aventures". For accommodation you have plenty of guesthouses from 10 €/night.

- National Museum
- Phousi Market (morning)
- Phousi
-Eco-aventure excursions.
- Walk or rent a bike around the city (nam khan river)
- Night market (Sisavangvong street)
- Dinner by the river (barbeque)
- Ban Xangkong (Paper Village)
- Ban Phanom (Weaving Village)
- Bon Donekeo (bamboo basket village)
- Nuang swa (tipical laosian disco)
- Kuang Si Waterfall
- Nasian Restaurant
- L´etranger books & Tea (next to Hive Bar) .
- Hive Bar

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10. Posted by Emma123 (Budding Member 12 posts) 9y

Hi all, thanks for all the replies. We've been and had an amazing time! Stayed in The Apsara, which was incredible. I've detailed our itinerary here in case anyone's interested.