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How much money is realistic???

Travel Forums General Talk How much money is realistic???

1. Posted by Jahoda (Budding Member 9 posts) 9y

I'm planning a round the world trip and trying to make it as cheap as possible. Wanna be gone for at least 2 months, with any more time a bonus if I earn along the way.

My initial balance is gonna be about £3000. Does neone think this is enough for at least 2 months?

2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 9y

It depends which countries you are visiting, and whether this figure includes flights and visas. If you advise where you are going we should be able to help.

3. Posted by Jahoda (Budding Member 9 posts) 9y

London - Prague - Moscow - Tokyo - Auckland (NZ) - LA - Chicago - New York - London

That's the plan, with say £2500 spending money. I'm gonna need to work aren't I...

4. Posted by rockstar33 (Budding Member 19 posts) 9y

maybe not, for accomadation try, or other websites that are designed to host travelers who are on shoestrings. also, fortunatly for you the pound is worth a little over 2 us dollars, so at least you will get a good exchange rate. there are also websites for ridesharing, some even listed on this website, and hitching are all ways of getting around forking out more $ for transportation. hope this helps, good luck to u..
one more thing... i am currently traveling, and have been since feb and the best things that have happened to me on this trip is having good contacts all over the world. I have stayed with locals all over Europe that i had never met before, they have even picked me up at airports, train stations, taken me to concerts, parties, etc, and they have just been friends of friends that i met traveling. so just be outgoing on your travels and im sure the same will happen with you

5. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 9y

i think you should just about be ok provided you stay in dorms throughout and cook in hostels most of the time. I spent £1000 - £1200 per month in NZ and slightly more for Japan. have a look in the Asia forum as there have been a couple of threads recently about visiting Japan cheaply.

In Prague, get out of the main square to find the cheaper places, as prices are pretty high in the touristy parts.

The exchange rate is good for the US at the moment too so that's in your favour.

6. Posted by zmey (Full Member 9 posts) 9y

Quoting Jahoda

I'm planning a round the world trip and trying to make it as cheap as possible. Wanna be gone for at least 2 months, with any more time a bonus if I earn along the way.

My initial balance is gonna be about £3000. Does neone think this is enough for at least 2 months?

some time ago, I met a world traveller whose tactic for crossing oceans was contracting himself out to trans-oceanic cargo ships as systems admin. he would monitor their computer systems (he was qualified), do their records & such and would get room, board and fare in exchange. if you travel in such a fashion (rather than flying) 3000 pounds could be enough.

7. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 9y

Hello Jahoda:)

I think the amount of money u have may be enough, even though u chose expensive destinations. What I would do in your situation is to stick with a daily budget and have a credit card for if there is an emergency. Of course the aim would be to not use the credit card at all, but it is good to have just in case. I dont know how experienced u are with backpacking, but I think whether u can live on this budget depends on travel experience. I have met backpackers spending incredible amounts of money, just because they did not know how to budget and had no travel experience. I would get a good travel guide, like the Lonely Planet and read about accomodation and transport etc costs and consider while reading it how u will spend your money.

When u say u would have to work, do u mean during your 2 month trip? I would not rely on earning money that way. A person would be very lucky to score those types of temporary jobs. And 2 months is not such a long time. Do u really want to spend some of it working?


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8. Posted by pinkgirlie (Full Member 121 posts) 9y

You have picked some pretty expensive places! I'm not sure how you'd manage to work - maybe you have a plan for that tho. It seems tricky to work in cities, and 2 months would be time you'd probably want to spend exploring rather than looking for a short term job. $3000 is a pretty good budget for 1 person over 2 months tho. It works out at about £33 a day, which is about what I had for my trip, but the places I stayed were a bit cheaper and I camped a lot. If there's any chance of finding another £500 you might find it makes a big difference.

I would recommend checking out and similar sites to have a look at prices to get a better idea.

Hope this helps.

9. Posted by Huw (Inactive 3 posts) 9y

If it helps at all, I've done London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga, St Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk over the course of about a month.

Total running costs so far are around 900 Pounds (also... damnit Russian keyboards don't have the pound sign...).

That does not include the Russian and Mongolian Visa and a good wedge of my train ticket either.

That includes a week staying with friends in St Petersburg, eating out a bit, a few drinks, quite a bit of internet, museums, sight seeing, the odd good hostel and a few with holes in the floor. Basic rule of thumb being see what i want, on a budget. I've not been as careful as i could either. I probably could have gotten away with about 150 less.

I left the UK with around 2500 pounds. I am gone for a year. I hit Beijing next few weeks and hopefully will get a six month teaching stint that should more than sustain me out there. Then a bit of south east Asia on whatever I have left.

On the whole though the cities you've chosen are some of the most expensive.

London - Owch
Moscow - Less but still
Tokyo - Goodbye wallet.

I'm sure you can do them on the cheap, but even then a week there is gonna cost you the equivilant of a month elsewhere. For perspective, my accommodation in moscow was about 20 Euro per night. Mongolia is looking to be around 3-6 Dollars a night.

It depends where you go. And who you can crash with along the way!

Hope that helps!

10. Posted by Jahoda (Budding Member 9 posts) 9y

Cheers for all the advice guys. I've managed to get a loan for £2,000, making my total funds about £5,000. Think I'll be ok.

But gonna do a lot of reading from now until my trip, so I can budget like there's no tomorrow.

Cheers again x