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Heading for cover, I must get out of Washington DC

Travel Forums Introductions Heading for cover, I must get out of Washington DC

1. Posted by spb90 (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

spb90 has indicated that this thread is about USA

I am happy to be here posting on TP. For a couple weeks I have been lurking, reading posts and getting more ideas for my trip. As of October 1 I will be leaving my 9 to 5 job and heading to South America. I am thinking Patagonia to Ecuador... 4-5 months. Really after a few years in Washington with this nut bag as the leader it might take longer to recover. But yes I hope to leave after the holidays close to the top of January.

I was looking forward to doing some volunteer work along the way. Anyone know of places or ideas in that regard?

As for me I am happy go lucky... easy to please, and looking to take the long way home this time. I could cook all day and dance all night and smile along the way.

With this trip I would like to get a greater understanding of what others believe is going on in the world. There is so much going on with no way to comprehend even a fraction of it all. Also I want to meet the world and let them know that most Americans don’t trust or believe the current president is doing a good job. It would make me happy if I helped someone along the way understand the other side of the States.

That's me... if you need info on Washington DC let me know. It is a beautiful city with many free events and a rocking night life!!


2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y

Welcome aboard!

I've been down in South America, and the people down there are VERY, VERY friendly. I didn't run into a lot of people who were interested in talking politics, or had a bad impression of the USA (or even Canada).

Enjoy the boards, and the trip. Let me know if you need any Chile or Argentina help - I might be able to assist.


3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 12y

nice play Scot!
im gettin outta here too headin to Europe before its too late to leave!
good luck in S America. and yes DC is a great town!

4. Posted by ethno33 (Full Member 20 posts) 12y

Hey Scot!

I am with you about having to get out of DC. I lived there nearly five years, and though it will always be home, its great to get away from time to time, especially under current leadership!!

Have you checked out They have all kinds of listings for volunteer work and I think you can sort by region or country.

I hope this is helpful.

Of course, October is when it starts to get beautiful again in DC!

Have a great trip.


5. Posted by ethno33 (Full Member 20 posts) 12y

BTW, don't forget to vote by absentee ballot!!!! We need your help in forcing regime change!

- Heather