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Places to Visit in South Wales

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1. Posted by guiny (Respected Member 143 posts) 9y

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My fiance and I will be in Swansea for Christmas and New Years. On Christmas Eve we will be in Cardiff and on New Years Eve we plan to visit some town nearby Swansea and come back Swansea when the shops close.
What towns/cities/villages do you suggest us to spend the last day of the year in? We don't consider going to Cardiff or Caerphilly, and Newport and Port Talbot are also not an option.
We are open to ideas and suggestions.
Thanks! :)

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2. Posted by davidx (Respected Member 34 posts) 9y

I am very fond of Gower. If you aren't bothered about an actual town, you could enjoy Rossili and the fine headland there. Otherwise you could try Mumbles - sometimes called a village but with lots of shops - and easily found information on Google.

3. Posted by guiny (Respected Member 143 posts) 9y

Thank you very much for your suggestions, David, but we will be already in Swansea and we have been to the Gower and Mumbles a thousand times. Do you know any city nearby Swansea? Any that we can visit in one day? Thanks!

4. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 9y

You might try the small town of Caerleon just northeast of Newport. This was the headquarters of the Romans when they ruled the area and they have the Roman baths in town (no longer working, however) and the old headquarters was torn down and converted into a beautiful place to eat/stay called the Priori, where lots of people go every night. There is also a wine bar just across from here that brings in specialty wines from all over, and there are pubs both in town and that line the river just outside the main town.

Unfortunately, there are only a few places to browse and see/walk along near the main square (about 4 blocks from the Roman settlements)--but the town is beautiful (unlike crowded/industrial Newport and Cardiff) and is in an unspoiled (so far) section of the countryside.


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5. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 9y

Also, you should consider Chepstow and Caerleon on the same day (and take a short drive to see a few more things--my suggestions are on your other thread, so look there for more detail on what I suggest).


6. Posted by guiny (Respected Member 143 posts) 9y

Thank you very much. We will consider your suggestion in the other thread.