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3 Weeks in Europe - both Western & Eastern

Travel Forums Europe 3 Weeks in Europe - both Western & Eastern

1. Posted by MaxineK (Budding Member 45 posts) 9y


I am planning on spending 3 weeks in Europe next year in December/January. As I have to book some tickets pretty early on, I just have a few questions that I hope someone/s may be able to help me with.

The Countries I plan on visiting are:

Czech Republic
Hungary or Greece

How much should I budget per day? I understand that Western Europe is more expensive than the East but if someone could please give me some sort of estimate????

For those who have been to either Hungary or Greece or both - How did you find these countries in general? I would prefer to go to Hungary but my sister would prefer Greece and/or Mykinos but as we have time constraints it wouldn't be possible to see both.

If anyone who has been to any of the countries above, any comments would be greatly appreciated


2. Posted by huubs (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

For a vacation in December/January you should consider the weather conditions in the various parts of Europe. For instance Hungary will be cold and Greece will be nice, like southern Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus.

3. Posted by S_Deisler (Respected Member 266 posts) 9y

I personally like central-eastern europe very much. The Czech Republic is a nice country, Prague is amazing and you can take some daytrips from there to, for example, Karlovy Vary or Kutna HorĂ¡. It will be cold in that time of the year: I've been there twice, once in january, once in august, and I have no doubt if I have a chance to go again it will be during winter. That's because there are not as many tourists and because when I think of the heart of europe, I don't see termoetres marking 35 celsius. What tos ee in Prague...? Hradcany (castle zone), Mala Strana (lesser town), Stare Mesto (Old Town), Petrin Hill, and wander, wander very much ANYWHERE you go.
About Hungary, i've only been to budapest and I have to say it's a beautiful city. It's more "eastern" than Prague I'd say. In terms of beauty Prague beats Budapest imo, however there's much to see in Budapest as well.
About Spain, you should specify more on where you would like to go.

4. Posted by MaxineK (Budding Member 45 posts) 9y

Thank-you both for your replies!

In Spain, I am thinking of heading to Barcelona & Sevilla. I will only have about 3 or 4 days in Spain though.
Did you happen to have any suggestions with how much money I should put aside for Prague, Hungary, Spain etc?



5. Posted by S_Deisler (Respected Member 266 posts) 9y

It depends on how much you wanna spend eh. Hostels are not tooe xpensive in the czech rpeublic and hungary, so i guess around 10 euros a night in a dorm and 20-25 in a double room?
If you have such a limited time I'd stick to either barcelona or sevilla. You could see both of them in 4 days, but i'm pretty sure you'd miss many things.
If you went to barcelona, you could see the city in a couple of days and then take a daytrip to girona, or atrragona, for example. Go to montserrat mountains, where there is a really nice monastery with amazing views, check out some beach towns which are crowded in summer... you've got plenty of options. Or aprty, aprty and aprty. Depends on what your interests are.
About sevilla, i can't help much, as i barely know a thing about it.

6. Posted by vxmike (Budding Member 64 posts) 9y

Quoting S_Deisler

It depends on how much you wanna spend eh. Hostels are not tooe xpensive in the czech rpeublic and hungary, so i guess around 10 euros a night in a dorm and 20-25 in a double room?

This is correct - I just got back from Prague a couple weeks ago, and hostels are pretty cheap. I stayed at Hostel Elf for about $15/night and I highly recommend staying there. Everything else in Prague is not that cheap though. I don't know where MaxineK is from, but I found prices for most everything else to be similar to prices in the US after the currency conversion. If one is bringing Pounds or Euros it's probably a relative bargain compared to home.

7. Posted by MaxineK (Budding Member 45 posts) 9y


I am from Australia.
Just a question on Hostels - I will be going with my sister, Mum and Dad. My sister and I are in our 20's and we don't mind staying in hostels some of the time but I am not sure about my parents. Do you think the hostels are going to be suitable for people who are in their 50's/60's.



8. Posted by damon_75 (Budding Member 22 posts) 9y

well i depends really your best to email hostels in the cities you plan to stay. i stayed in some in europe which had older people in but some had rules on age for example 19-30 only.

9. Posted by Viperian86 (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y

While in Spain, Sevilla is very nice and to see it in 2 days is cutting it very close. While in the area you must see tarifa, it is the southern most city of europe. It has a point where out on a street/bridge, which leads to an old spanish fort (still occupied by the Spanish army), each side has a sign stating which ocean Atlantic or Mediterreanean you are on. It is beautiful, I was there this summer and by far one of the most beautiful places. I have pictures if you would like to see them.

10. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 9y

Hostels are suitable to people in the 60s - if the mindset of these travellers is. If you can get them to agree to bunkbeds and showers and toilets down the floor, it is no problem. However, since you will be travelling as a family private rooms would be better value. Ie either a private 4-bed-room in a hostel, a 4-bed family room in a hotel or a rented appartment.
Hostels are great if you are alone and only need a bed to sleep, not a full fancy hotelroom. But when travelling as a family I've found that booking rental apparments and family rooms in hotels generally works out cheaper than 4 individual hostel beds in the cheapest dorm. If you weren't going in winter I would also suggest renting a campervan.

Daily budget: 50 EUR per day and person is a good rule for budget travellers in Western Europe staying in hostels and buying their own food in supermarkets, 35 EUR in Eastern Europe. With 4 people make sure you have a place where you can cook your own food, or you'll spent a fortune on restaurants. You would also reduce the cost if you do not jump around so much - the flight and train tickets will all eat into your budget. I mean, 5 countries in 3 weeks? Urgh! A good rule for Europe is at least 2 weeks per country. In three weeks you could reasonably cover Spain and France or Spain and Morocco or Czech Republic and Austria.

You'll also need to decide what kind of climate you want - it helps to keep the luggage light if you pack for just one type of weather. Austria and Czech Republic would be great if you want skiing, Spain and Morocco if you want rain and temps above freezing.