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Travel buddy neede for NZ for a month, this December

Travel Forums Travel Companions Travel buddy neede for NZ for a month, this December

1. Posted by beth-J (Budding Member 12 posts) 13y

beth-J has indicated that this thread is about New Zealand


I'm looking for someone who fancies a month long trip to New Zealand, going 3rd dec to return 5th Jan, stopping one day in Singapore on the way and two days on the way back. I have two prebooked flights, but split from my boyf so need to fill the flight - £700, not bad considering you miss the whole of xmas and New Year in this country!

i'm looking for someone 20-30 whos laid back and likes to appreciate the scenery etc. The plan is to hire a car and travel round the whole lot, from beaches, to glaciers to volcanoes and bubbling pools etc.

I'm a mature 20 year old female who LOVES travelling, though I would like to do this trip with someone I get on with and want to do the same things etc. I could just cancel the flights but I really want to go now, so if anyone fancies it let me know!I am prepared to meet up in this country beforehand for anyone who is serious. :):)



2. Posted by beth-J (Budding Member 12 posts) 13y

Sorry forgot to put that i live in Manchester, England!

3. Posted by rick (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y

i'm off to perth in sept for a few weeks on my own but am thinking about taking off again when i come back as who wants to be here over xmas?

Anyway i'm 25 easy going and get on with pretty much any body so would like to no more bout ya plans drop me a line!

oh yer also live in manchester!:)


4. Posted by beth-J (Budding Member 12 posts) 13y

Hiya Rick,

My plan basically is just to travel round the whole of NZ in that month, fitting in as much of the stunning scenery as possible. I hate xmas and New Year in this country too. I went on a last min trip to Oz last year on my own and had a great time, but I think NZ is more "refined" in that aspect and is more difficult to hook up with people etc, hence the desire to have someone I get on with, with me. The flights stop in singapore both ways, flying into Christchurch and out of Auckand...