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1. Posted by jaxstar (Full Member 74 posts) 9y

ok i just randomly booked my sister and i onto a flight from einhoven to valencia in december... thing is, i know nothing about the area there! My sister is a party animal, and i can be as well just not everynight... id like some off the beaten track ideas, local specialties, where to go, what to miss... i love food and cultural things so a nything like that id love to know about!

ill be googling alot myself but theres only so much the inet can tell you and id like to know things from ppl who have actually been there! can anyone also recommend a hostel?

2. Posted by heff (Budding Member 63 posts) 9y

Stay at Purple nest hostel. It is one of the best hostels I stayed in all Europe.
It has a bar there, everyone usually starts drinking together then go out to random bars. you'll have a blast.

3. Posted by jaxstar (Full Member 74 posts) 9y

awesome, good tip, thanks!! are the drinks cheap???
what else did u do there? aside from eat paella, everyone keeps telling me that, one look at google can tell me that! what do you reckon was worth seeing?